Thursday, July 24, 2008

The next stage!

On the May 24 weekend we fixed up the attic dormer, so we figured on Canada Day we'd fix up the rest of the less than beautiful back addition. My Dad and Nick gutted the whole addition on the Thursday and Friday before and since Ben had a funeral on Saturday, he couldn't work on it until Monday. It worked out well that he had Monday and Tuesday off, so Monday was demolition day and Tuesday was construction day.

With the fixed attic dormer.

Gutted addition

More guts....eww!

The fellow building the apartment building behind out house let us use his ZoomBoom to help with the demolition. The men cut the roof into three sections and then pulled them off one by one.

Big scary machine!

Ben had never driven one before, but he just hopped in, played around with the controls for a while and was good to go. Ya, I know, he's great! :-)

The last section coming down.

Our wonderful neighbours were out watching the goings-on and were thrilled with the improvement.

This is the back of our neighbour's house-- basically what we wanted ours to look like.

Trying to fit more junk in the bin.

Booming up the plywood for the roof.

Ben putting on the tar paper.

Up go the shingles!

The almost finished product. A window will go where that sheet of plywood is and we're hoping to find an easy way to take the paint off the brick. Any suggestions, let me know! And one of these days, we'll put siding up on the back mudroom.

Yes, we have a little pool, but hey, it's cheaper than air conditioning!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A ride in the sky!

A couple Saturdays ago my uncle flew down from Guelph to bring my sister home. We got to go up for a ride around the St. Thomas area. It was sure neat to see everything from the air; it definitely gives a different perspective on things. Thanks Uncle Brian!