Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Trip Down Memory Lane......otherwise titled: The Hottie in the Red Hoodie

I was just thinking the other day about something that happened a long time ago. Little did I know that little something would be the beginning of a big something--something wonderful! Well, let me start at the beginning....

Once a upon a time.... no, wait... I don't think that's how it happened(although it is like something out of a story book :-)

Anyway, as most of you know my family moved around a lot and not just in the same province. We moved across the country--literally!

In October 2004 we were living in Beautiful British Columbia! I was.... let me think..... 17 and in my last year of highschool. Now as a rule, I was, how shall I put it, a little flirty and flighty? But just all in good fun of course. Angelina and John, my older siblings, had moved that summer to Ontario to go to school in London. They started attending the Free Reformed Church in St. Thomas and consequently joined their thriving young peoples group. We heard reports from time to time that they were having a grand 'ol time with all the wonderful individuals in the group. We wanted some pictures of these young people and asked John to take a few. John sent the following picture and our email exchanges went something like this:

John: since you were asking for pictures here you are

Me: WOW! what a hottie-- that guy on the bottom left hand corner, with the
red hoddie....Ahem...misc other comments........who is that guy is he single? RRRRRrrrrr!!!

John: Yes, as far as I know he's single. his name is Ben VAN MEPPELEN SCHEPPINK thats right, 20 letters in his last name. Do you think you could sign that? ROFL

Me: is Ben cute in real life or just in that picture?... ask Ang and tell her to email me 'k Take more pictures of Ben...Ahem... the other young people.....

John: I can tell Angelina to email you and that's as good as you'll get for pictures....

Well as you can see, it was love at first sight! *cough cough*

So life continued as normal and as far as I can remember, I didn't give it much thought. I ended up moving back to BC after our move to Saskatchewan to finish highschool. I ended up living with my dear, wonderful, best friend, Corina, and her family. However, in 2005 my dad again had a job change and we were moving to Ontario.

I remember saying to Corina before I left, "Wouldn't it be weird ifI met this guy and we hit it off and started dating?" (little did I know.....)

Well as you all know, we moved here and I met Ben. He turned out to be even better looking than I had thought and I fell madly in love! Thankfully, he also somehow fell in love with me :-) Two months later we started dating, seven months later we were engaged, 14 months later we were married and I was signing those 20 letters as my new last name:-)

Now, we've been married for one year and eight months and I'm still head over heals in love with that Hottie in the Red Hoodie!