Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just because.....

...he's wonderful
Just because..... he's sweet
Just because..... he's caring
Just because..... he's forgiving
Just because..... he's gentle
Just because..... he's a Christian
Just because..... he's kind
Just because..... he puts up with me :P
Just because..... he fixes up our home
Just because..... he's handsome
Just because..... he loves me

Just because he's who he is.... that's why I love him!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

24 Weeks!

Well, I guess I've grown in the last four weeks. I didn't think I had gotten that much bigger, but looking at my previous pictures I realize how "skinny" I used to be. Only four more months of getting fatter and then I plan to loose most of it in one day :-)

I'm continuing to feel pretty well; the good ol' tiredness is starting to kick in, so I can really use a power nap in the afternoon. Junior/ette is pretty active these days and seems to enjoy stomping on my bladder. But, I'm nevertheless thankful for those kicks and stomps as they continue to remind us of the wonderful miracle of life. Ben felt the baby kick for first time last night which was very exciting!

We continue to accumulate items for the nursery and hope to get started on that soon! We (and I use that 'we' very loosely) are just finishing the upstairs bathroom as that is a slight priority given the continued growth of this baby and the continued pressure on my bladder in the middle of the night :-) After the bathroom is finished, the nursery just needs a few fixes before we can paint etc.

Below are some pictures of me at almost 24 weeks.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Making Salsa!

Last night my dear hubby and I decided to make salsa. We were given some yummy tomatoes (thanks Uncle Pete & Aunt Ludy!) and they needed to be processed ASAP. Having never made salsa by ourselves before, we were a little nervous; so.... we asked my mom (a canning guru) lots of questions, read the instructions twice, and hoped for the best. After lots of chopping, dicing, measuring, pouring, and stirring, we had a nice pot of salsa simmering. Boy, did it make my mouth water! After simmering for about two hours we were ready to pressure can it. An hour of hissing and steaming and pressurizing followed, and voila! we had twelve wonderful jars of salsa to enjoy!

Washing the dirty tomatoes.

We made a quadruple batch!

Yummy, spicy salsa to last us all winter long!