Sunday, December 27, 2009


Well I'm a little behind on posting pregnancy updates and just updates in general. Time just seems to get away from me and despite the best intentions I just don't seem to get around to posting anything!

Life is ticking away like normal around here. We've been busy with renovations as we're finishing up the bathroom and starting on the nursery. Pictures of the bathroom will be coming soon(we were waiting for a long overdue counter top!) We've started on the nursery in the last couple weeks; Ben's been busy doing some electrical and patching the walls. We hope to get the walls primed and ready for paint this week! We ordered a new window for the room as well, so that should go in this week. After that we just have to buy and install new trim and we'll be all set!
We're right in the middle of the busy Christmas season and we're about halfway done our our family gatherings/parties. It's been a busy Christmas season, but we're so blessed with wonderful family and friends to celebrate this time of year with! Below are some pictures from our VMS family gathering.

Puzzles Ben made for Lauren and Leah.

Waiting anxiously!

Kara in the new pajamas I made for her!

And Joey in his new ones!