Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Four Months

Katie turned four months last week and has a whole bunch of new accomplishments under her belt, well, not really her belt, more like her... hmm.. diaper cover? Anyways, she now can roll over! She's pretty content with just flipping over to one side, but she can go a full 180 degrees!  She's also very accomplished at chewing on basically anything she can get her hands on, including her hands! This little girl almost always has her hands in her mouth, slobbering away.  Her thumb is usually in her mouth whenever she's sleepy and sometimes one thumb is not enough and two must go in! She loves to reach for toys, faces, glasses, blankets, and beards. She great at smiling and will smile for pretty much everyone.  She giggles now, but is mostly content doing her silent laugh where she opens her mouth really big and wags her head a bit(see top left-hand corner).  She's getting stronger and stronger and can still fairly well with just a little back or front support.  She's been sleeping through the night since two months, but it's getting longer and longer! Yay! Her day-to-day schedule is usually something along the lines of the following:

6/7am--Wake and talk for about half an hour until mommy feels like coming to get me.

7/8:30/9:00am--Talk a lot in my playpen until my "talking" turns into whinning and fussy at which point mommy puts me in bed for a 2ish hour nap.

11am--Wake up from nap and have a snack. Sit in bouncy or bumbo chair or play on mat depending on what mom feels like :-)

12:30/1pm--Have lunch and go for a good 2-3 hour nap

4/4:30pm--Wake up in time for daddy to come home and have a snack.. hmm those snacks are tasty! Talk to daddy and feel his beard to make sure it feels the same as yesterday.

5:30/6pm--Watch mom and dad have supper and dream of when I can eat grownup food too.

6/6:30pm--Have my own supper

7:30pm--Have bath and splash mom as much as possible without making her too suspicious.

8:00pm--Have one last snack before bed, one last diaper change, one last snuggle with mom and off to dream land I go!

Monday, June 28, 2010

A visit from tante Lien!

My sister Angelina came to spend the weekend with us and the rest of the family as our brother, Nick, was graduating from highschool(that's right, my little brother is all growed up! Yikes!) Anyways, we had lots of fun and Katie enjoyed having another person to smile at besides mommy who, by the way, gets pretty boring after a while!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A new blog!

Hey everyone,

I've decided to change blog dealers and go for something a little more "high-end" if you will. My sister got me on wordpress and it's so amazing! So much easier to use than blogger and you have so many more options for uploading pictures etc. I could transfer all my information from blogger with just a click of a button.  I'm already loving it and can't wait to blog more! I won't have to fight up uploading pictures or fiddling with silly blogger formatting. Can you tell I'm a little excited?!?!?! Yay for WordPress! Change your links everyone!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Dear Daddy,
I am so very proud of you
You always work so much
I asked my mommy why that was
She said because you're Dutch

Your mind is always working
It never takes a break
I wish that I could help you
But you might think I'm a flake

So I put my mind to working
Through I'm not very old
I thought these tools would help you
At least that's what I'm told.

The second part of this gift
Was mommy's great ol' plan
She likes to see you looking good
As her dear handsome man

I know that mommy loves you
I can see it in her eyes
She's just as proud as I am
And that is very wise

I hope you'll like your gifts
I hope they'll bring a grin
I hope you'll kiss us both with love
And win our hearts again

Your daughter,

P.S. The tools Katie bought her dad were a new clip board and pencils for all his planning and drawings. I bought him a new golf shirt:-)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

May 2-4 weekend a Holi-day??? More like a Work day!

The past three May 2-4 weekends have not been happy-go-lucky holidays for this household! When we know a holiday is coming up, we think Project Time!! This past Victoria Day was no exception. We decided to slightly improve our back steps and add a largish landing which would give us a place to set things down while unlocking/opening the door and also to give me a place to stand while I hang my laundry on the line. Ben spent many lunch breaks planning this porch so it would be just right; hence the pictures of all his sketches:-) He built the entire porch starting Saturday afternoon and finishing on Monday. I think he's pretty handy :-) We hope to add railings sometime later this summer.

Corina wanted to share how the door opened :-)

Ben attached the old steps so we could get up and down on Sunday.

To save a few bucks, Ben built the stringers himself... like I said before I think he's pretty handy! :-)

We hope to get a few shrubs/bushes in the next few weeks to fill in the gardens around the steps.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Brown Sugar

Does it ever bug you that a 1kg bag of brown sugar is twice as expensive than a 2kg bag of white sugar? It sure bugs me! I should mention that it also bugs me when I run out of brown sugar when I've already started the recipe! How many times do I have to be reminded to check to make sure I not only have all the ingrediants, but have enough of them! 

Anyways... when we were growing up we never bought brown sugar, we made it! How you ask... well, that's my secret and I'm not going to tell you... just kidding :-) It's one of the easiest, and cheapest things to do! The brown sugar that a regular, run-of-the-mill cookie recipes calls for is "light" brown sugar as opposed to "dark" brown sugar which is simply unrefined, unbleached sugar. Well, here's the secret, "light" brown sugar is just regular white sugar with added molasses! No joke! When I was first married I had just forgotten was lazy and forgetful and so went out and bought brown sugar, but that didn't last long as I hated spending the money on it! So now I just dump a bunch of sugar into my mixing bowl and pour some molasses in and voilà! brown sugar! I looked it up online and the correct ratio is 1tbsp molasses to 1 cup white sugar. I'm never that acurate and I don't think I even put that much in. It may sound like work, but really it's not that difficult. Molasses costs more when you buy it in little containers, but I have it on good reputation that the Bulk Barn has good, "cheap" molasses. So, what are you waiting for?!??! Go and make yourself some brown sugar!

Con-cen-tra-tion now in session, ready, set, begin!

It's so amazing to actually watch a baby learn! To see Katie concentrating so hard on grabbing that toy and getting it into her mouth was just incredible! I know it sounds silly, but I was so excited when she got it! It's really neat to see her learn new things each day and develop further what she already knows. She's been reaching for objects for a while now, but it's becoming more and more fun as she reaches for my necklace, my mouth, Ben's beard; she even took off Uncle Nick's glasses yesterday! Thankfully, Uncle Nick was just as thrilled as she was:-)

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Three years ago today...

I was:
getting my hair done
getting my makeup done
getting dressed
getting fed breakfast
getting more and more excited to walk down the aisle to the man of my dreams!