Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

Five Months

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So Katie is five months old! These are some new things she's doing these days:

  • Finding and eating her toes

  • Sitting up with a little support

  • Grabbing for faces, necklaces and hair and pulling hard!(and Ben wonders why I don't wear my hair down anymore!)

  • Hugging her doggy when she goes for naps and to bed

  • Making multiple 360 degree turns in her crib when she's supposed to be sleeping

  • Talking a lot

  • Making a  wet razzing sound with her fingers in her mouth(I think she likes the way the vibration feels on her fingers)

  • Standing while holding on to our fingers. She can't quite pull her self up, but she's getting there for sure!

At her four-month checkup(which was 3 weeks ago, she was 12lbs, 7oz (25th percentile) and 25 inches (75th percentile).  So she's a long, lean baby.

Katie is fairly fussy right around supper hour and wants to nurse/be held all the time.  Since she's always watching us eat and reaching for our drinks, we thought we'd try some rice cereal last night as I got a free package in the mail on Monday. Well, at first it seemed like she was ok with the stuff, but the further we went, the more she disliked it. My camera battery was dead, so I didn't get any pictures(we would have had some good ones!), but I'm sure we'll have plenty more opportunities! We'll just wait a bit and try in another week or so.

We're super enjoying Katie through every stage and it's so fun to watch her learn more each day.  We're so blessed to have her in our family and we thank God each and every day for the sunshine she brings into our life!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Because I'm a little Dutch...

Many of you have probably seen on facebook, but I couldn't help posting it for all my non-facebook friends out there. Isn't it hilarious!?!?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Girls in White Dresses...

With blue satin sashes.... well, no sashes in this case. But aren't these cousins cute in their white, Sunday dresses??

Of course we needed a pictures of the boys too :-)

~Photo credit to my two sisters-in-law, Jannyne and Amanda!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Organization is the name of the game!

So today is reorganizing day.  I've decided I've had enough of my kitchen cupboards and I'm cleaning and reorganizing them all! We renovated our mudroom a little while ago (pictures soon, I promise; I just have to sew some curtains first:-) and my parents gave us a great storage cupboard to hide away all the junk we keep in our mudroom.  I'm also using it to store some kitchen appliances and bakeware that doesn't get frequent use. Our kitchen doesn't have cupboard doors yet, so all the dust and grease from cooking nicely coats everything that isn't used on a regular basis.  So gross! Whenever I need to use an item that hasn't been used in a couple months, I have to clean is first! Ah well, I should be getting cupboard doors, at least on the bottom, this fall. Katie will be most likely be starting to crawl, and I'm not sure it would be very much fun if she got into the compost bucket or garbage I keep under my sink!

Anyways.... I started out by just thinking I'd switch a few things around, but the cleaning, organizing bug has bit me once more  and I'm going all out!  Talk to me at the end of the day and I'll tell you whether it was a good thing I was bitten!  Happy Monday!

P.S. Don't you just love this rain we're having? I love rainy summer days!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A House Painting Dilemma

We're painting the front of our house this year and replacing all the facia and eaves as well. We've decided on a colour: Sandlewood and  have already ordered the facia, eaves and have the paint, in fact, we've already started painting.  We love the colour, but we do have some mixed feelings about the "accent colour."  Eventually all our windows will be white with the Sandlewood casing(see top left window).  The bottom porch will be painted brown as well with the exception of the ceiling inside which will be white. We're debating whether or not to paint the soffits white on the whole house. We can't decide if it's too brown.... So this is where we need your help! What do you think?  We want to get a second coat of brown on today, or first coat of white,  so have your opinions in by 2pm!

This is our house before....

And with some brown....

Friday, July 09, 2010

Giggle Giggle!

We were at the Pinery on Wednesday and after our swim we went to have a picnic supper at a shelter. Katie was lying on the table being vastly entertained by everyone around and my brother, Nick, hit the table with his hand and the giggles that came out of Katie were just too funny! She is just so yummy when she's smily and giggly!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


It's hot out there!

What do you do to keep cool in this very sticky, very icky, very hot, humid weather?  I'm thinking the pool we had set up a few years ago might just need to be set up again. Unfortunately we have some pride issues we're dealing with...since we just got our backyard looking nice, we don't really want to kill our grass by putting up a pool....hhm...

Katie's up to two baths a day to cool her off.  She loves the water and it's not much work so I'm happy to do it! I took a very cool shower this morning and I think I just might hop in again this afternoon. It's amazing how much water can cool you off!

Thankfully we have two window A/C units so we can at least sleep in relative comfort. We turned our furnace fan on yesterday to help circulate the cool air from the basement to the rest of the house. I think it's helping. Currently our outside thermometer is reading 33C and insides it's 28C.

Does anyone have any good, easy supper recipes for the summer? On days like today, I have no desire, inclination, or motivation to eat, much less cook! I only have a handful of easy, non-heavy meals and there's a good chunk of hot, summer weather ahead of us! These are some meals we've been eating lately:

  • Taco Salad

  • Wraps--chicken or taco

  • Potato Salad

  • Chicken-Caesar salad

  • Hamburgers

  • Sausages

  • Pizza on the BBQ--we did this last night and it worked great!

Let me know your ideas!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Our backyard

As with the rest of our house, when we moved in, the backyard was, well... how should I put this... a hole! Seriously it was just a dive: a place you wanted to move through as quickly as possible! During the first two years of our renovations it became a place for lots of junk to call home until the junk moved on to the dump. Since our driveway is in the back off an alley way, we had to walk through our less than attractive backyard to get inside. As I'm sure you can imagine, walking through muddy, soggy, squishy, slimey grass during the seasons of fall, winter and spring(and occasionally the summer!) was not the least bit enjoyable! We had been planning on working on it for sometime and last summer we finally got to it! We made a few more changes this year and added a backstep(which still needs railings) and moved a few other things around. We're still needing a few bushes as well, but those should be coming later this summer. We've enjoyed our patio so much this year already and look forward to enjoying many hours outside!

As you can see, our backyard was far from pleasant!

Ben rented a bobcat to dig out the grass, concrete blocks and all kind of other junk. The day after he dug everything out, it rained cats and dogs! It was such a mud hole, but we needed to get the bobcat out as we had only rented it for one day. What a mess!

Laying the base for the stone. We had several yards of various material delivered and Ben spent a good amount of time leveling it out and packing it down.It took about four or five days to lay all the stone and cut out the edges.There was a lot of measuring, cutting and finigling to get it just right. Oh and did I mention, it was the hottest week all summer? Thankfully my brother Nick, and Ben's cousin Mike came to lend a hand. Thanks guys!

Ben brought sand home from the cemetery in buckets and spread it out over the patio to fill in the cracks. Unfortunately this is how our patio looked for a good portion of the summer as it kept raining and we couldn't brush it off until it dried! But finally the day came and we got to brush it off and then wash it off. What a difference!

Because the yard was such mess to begin with we weren't very careful about digging up too much grass or keeping it 'neat.' Ben reseeded almost the entire lawn, and faithfully watered it all summer when we didn't have rain of course:-)

Finally! A place we can sit and enjoy!

We're looking forward to next year when all our plants and bushes have had a chance to establish themselves!