Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One year ago today....

I was 46" around.

I was 40lb heavier.

I was tired.

I was swollen.

I was excited.

I was nervous.

I was ready.

I was feeling my first contraction thinking ok, not too bad.

I was only experiencing back labour.

I was hyperventilating, not able to control my breathing.

I was too tied up with cords to move.

I was asking for drugs.

I was not in pain.

I was pushing for two hours.

I was really hoping I could sleep inbetween pushes.

I was just so so tired.

and then...

none of it mattered.

and I knew it was all worth it.

I knew a mother's love.

I knew she was perfect.

I knew I would never forget this day.

I knew I wanted to do it again.

Katherine Anne

Feb 22, 2010 8:54pm 9lb 5oz 21"

Friday, February 18, 2011

Just let go

Sometimes when you're renovating, you just have to let go!

Apologies to my husband and brother who didn't know I was recording this special moment :P

Monday, February 14, 2011


I feel blue. It's February. Winter has been long. There's lots of snow. It's cold outside. I don't feel like doing anything. I want to do lots of things, but I certainly don't feel like it. You know that Spring Cleaning post: very ambitious, but I have no drive! I can't get motivated. I can sit here and tell myself to get off my butt and do something, but I just don't listen!! (I'll save the problem of talking to myself for another post:-) I'm sitting here and kicking myself in the pants for a long time but... I'm still sitting here and I have a sore butt!

What do you do to chase away the February blues?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I'm going to be ambitious this year! My first spring that I haven't worked or had a baby so I'm ready to tackle my Spring cleaning head on! I always have very high goals about spring cleaning, but for reason it's never really been done. Don't get me wrong, I do clean, but I've never done a fullout cleaning spree on my entire house.

So this is my plan(I was inspired by Anita who organized a different area of her house each week). Starting in March (or sooner if I can't wait that long... ahahhhaa!) I plan to tackle one room a week and clean every nook and crany I can get my cloth into! I have a total of nine rooms that are not under construction/not being lived in so that should take me about two months. That sounds kind of long and depressing, but I have many other things that need my attention too!

Nine rooms to be cleaned:

  • Living Room

  • Dining Room

  • Den

  • Kitchen

  • Downstairs bathroom

  • Master bedroom

  • Katie's bedroom

  • Upstairs bathroom

  • Mudroom/Front entrance

My goal is to clean windows, trim, walls, floor, vacuum cushions, take books off of shelves, and scrub the floor (maybe wax?--has anyone ever waxed their hardwood floors? good or bad? worth it?).

I'm hoping that writing my plan here will make me accountable and more likely to actually to it! Anyone want to join me? I'll 'nag' you if you 'nag me!!

Monday, February 07, 2011


I love books. And so does Katie. She'll seriously sit there for half an hour just looking at her books, turning the pages, and "reading" out loud.  I love it!  I hope she keeps it up!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Project Diaper Bag

So I wanted a new diaper bag for Katie. The one we had when she was really small was nice, but pretty traditional and *yawn* boring! Plus, it was big and bulky and annoying! I hardly have to bring anything for Katie when we go out. She doesn't spit or blow out her diaper, so no extra clothes or spit cloths are needed for short trips and the diaper bag was so huge!  If I do a bunch of errands I don't want to lug her diaper bag around, but I still want to have a diaper or two in case we're away for a while.

So I thought I'd just make one. I made a bunch of similar style bags for Christmas presents, but I want to change it up just a bit. I looked online for an idea or two and then altered an existing bag pattern.  I didn't have enough floral fabric though, so... I looked through my stash and found some that matched and pieced it together so I had enough!

I'm really happy with the finished product. I can throw in my wallet and water bottle etc. and still have room to throw more stuff in without it becoming a huge bothersome bag. Plus... I think it's cute!

The only thing I would change next time around would be to make the pockets a little deeper. I like to stuff my diapers in one of them, but they don't quite fit!