Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good Intentions

I went upstairs to put Katie to bed this afternoon and walked into the Guest Room/Sewing Room to do a major cleanup. Well the sewing bug bit me and and hour and a half later, this is the result.

And it's completely reversable! (The green doesn't show up well on my computer; it's a much brighter green.)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Splish Splash!

Last night we went to the new splashpad at Waterworks Park. Katie had an absolute blast and didn't want to come out! It was so refreshing for her and cooled her off nicely for bed. I apologize for all the pictures; she's just too cute!

Monday, July 18, 2011


We joined my parents for two days of camping up at MacGregor Point(just south of Port Elgin) last week. The weather was lovely and we had a nice relaxing time just reading and going for walks. Here are a few pictures!

Katie finally fell asleep in the last half hour of the the three-hour trip.

Snuggles with Papa are the best!

Learning to knit.

Katie gives really nice Eskimo kisses!

Continuing with the tradition!

Nutella is SOOO good!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


When it's really hot, we have dessert first and supper later. Today Katie had an applesauce popsicle followed by some cheese and crackers and then leftover potatoes. Ben and I had a milkshake with strawberries and yogurt; we haven't eaten supper yet.... but we will shortly. It's already cooler than it was two hours ago at supper time.

We're not big icecream people, but anything cold is welcome here in the summer months! I have popsicle molds from Tupperware and some from IKEA which will be filled with: applesauce, chocolate(or other flavors) pudding, juice, water with fruit pieces, chocolate chips or raisins etc. Katie's already had two applesauce popsicles and loves them! I had one and it brought me back to my childhood. Ben's waiting for the chocolate pudding ones.

I'm not a huge food person in general, so when it gets hot I really don't feel like eating. I'm trying to come up with some easy, non-heavy-in-your-stomach suppers for the summer months. BBQ is always good, but I still have to cook something (ie potatoes) to eat with with the meat. You can only have baked potatoes so often. Potatoes tend to be heavier too; maybe it's the starch? My kitchen gets warm really fast from turning on the stove or oven, and it's even worse in the summer when the sun is shining so strongly on the back of our house. Maybe we'll just eat meat and salads this summer, or do like the Spanish and have supper late at night! Either way, we'll survive and be more thankful when fall comes around again!