Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vacation 2011

We went up to MacGregor Point for a short vacation of four nights, Mon-Friday and had a simply lovely, relaxed time. Here is a basic sum up.

  • We drove tried to drive through Goderich on the way up but ended up turning back after an unsuccessful attempt. The damage was unbelieveable!

  • We played over 20 games of cribbage; Ben won probably 70% of them.

  • Even though we were camping we were up before 7:30am every day; thank you Katie

  • We did a lot of walking

  • We saw six deer, one porcupine, a snake, a woodpecker and probably a zillion frogs

  • Ben cooked half our meals over the fire

  • Katie liked chasing the seagulls at the beach

  • I brought my croqueting and didn't touch it

  • We had a tornado watch

  • Katie got two nasty bug bites which are still huge and blistered; she doesn't seem to care

  • A tarp pole on our trailer broke due to the heavy, crazy rain we had early one morning

  • Katie LOVED the wind turbines we saw on the way up..... like LOVED!

  • We only went to the beach once and it was WINDY!

  • I read five novels(Abram's Daughters Series) in four days

  • Ben bought a paper so he could do the puzzles

  • We visited the Bruce Nuclear plant and we're still glowing.... just kidding

I know most of these pictures are of Katie; I couldn't help it!

This is what you get when you tell Katie to smile.

Mr. PotatoHead glasses... her new love.

It was very windy the one day we went to the beach.

Some deer on the side of the road.

A frog on our hike. We could hardly take half a dozen steps without frogs hopping out from our path.


We saw this wild picnic table on our hike too; quite different from the calm ones around the campsite :-)

Looking for animals at the lookout.

Windy, choppy water

I love my girly!

I know it's too bright and out of focus, but I love the emotion captured!

Can't forget the upside-down tradition!

On the way home.

So sleepy.......

Thursday, August 11, 2011

20 weeks

Only 20(or 22 if this baby is as cozy as Katie was) until this babe is born!

Right now he/she is over half a pound and is about 7 inches from head to bum. I'm feeling lots of kicks and wiggles and Ben felt him/her for the first time a couple weeks ago. I'm feeling much better and have more energy than the first three months! This summer heat is not my idea of fun though. I don't like heat in general, so combine that with being pregnant and you have a not-so-nice combination. But there is only one more month of summer (yay!) and I'm looking forward to cooler days and cool, crisp nights.