Thursday, October 13, 2011


I went to my midwife appointment only to disover I am further along in this pregnancy than I thought.  I thought I was 27, maybe 28 weeks; turns out I'm 29. Huh... so that means, yes, 11 weeks. Say what? 11? One-One?  So 11 weeks to get ready? 11 weeks for Ben to finish Katie's new room? 11 weeks to pick paint colours, paint a crib, paint a dresser, choose room decor, move Katie to her new room and crib, get the baby room ready for a baby again? 11 weeks to finish my fall storing: making pies, meatballs, canning squash, and bake and cook for after the baby comes? 11 weeks to finish organizing the den, the catch-all room downstairs and life in general? hmmm..... I may be one of the few women who actually say this. It's no secret to many of you, but..... I hope this baby is late!

Funny how numbers work: 29 doesn't sound very far, but only 11 weeks left that's kind of scary.

Pride cometh before the fall. In my last update I "boasted" of having a good amount of engery. That stopped about two days later. No joke. Of course the fact that I got a cold a week later didn't help matters, but still. It was like a light switch and my body just turned it off. I'm back to napping at least every other day and constantly reminding myself that Rome wasn't built in a day.  Katie is such a good kid; really. I'm not just saying that. She will play in her playpen after breakfast which is usually about 8:00/8:30 until snack time at 10/10:30. She usually will go back in for another hour and and a half until lunch. She naps(or at least is quiet in her crib) from 1/1:30 until 4/4:30. She's out wandering around (if Ben is home) and then after supper she quite often goes back in her playpen until bedtime at 7:30. So really, hardly any work and yet it's still work. My mom, who is so wise, told me that even though I'm not paying attention to her all the time, everytime I change a diaper, feed her, talk to her etc it still takes energy. I try to remember that; I fail often though.

One more random thing: I've discovered and have become hooked on Pinterest.  So SO many cool ideas. My brain is being overloaded with creative things to do with pretty much anything! I could spend hours on there!  The problem is most of them just stay ideas..... ah well, C'est la vie





Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thanksgiving Camping 2011

We continued our "tradition" (how long do you have to do something before it becomes a tradition?) of camping on Thanksgiving weekend again this year! The weather was gorgeous! It was in the mid 20's during the day with lots of sunshine and high single digits at night: just cool enough to be cozy around the campfire, but not cold enough to make us think of going home.

My camera batteries had very little life left in them so I didn't get a ton of pictures. Here are a few which, I think, capture some of our wonderful weekend.

Ben brought an extra tent from the cemetery to use for eating under and in case it rained. It worked just perfectly!

Katie collected a lot of stones in various places throughout the campsite.

Now this for sure is a "tradition" going on 10+ years!

Six vehicles on a site: no problem!

Katie got lots and lots of attention from all her aunts and uncles!

We saw this backhoe in its natural environment :P

Going for a hike/walk.

Is this not the epitome of fall?

John and Ben's Inukshuk

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

This and That

We're going camping this weekend with my whole family and I am VERY excited!  I love, love, love fall: cool, crisp nights, crunchy leaves under my feet, snuggling under blankets at night! Combine that with campfires, family, long walks and being right in the middle of fall itself and you have a lovely thing. I can't wait to snuggle my girlie at the campfire and have her learn so many new words and see new things!

Speaking of words, Katie is such a chatterbox! And such a mimicker! She will repeat almost any word you say(whether or not it sounds like anything is a different story) and she's already putting two words together.  I could list her whole vocabulary, but that would take a long time. For about five minutes after Ben leaves for work all I hear it, "Daddy? Daddy gone. Daddy! Daddy gone. Carw. Daddy gone. Work(which sounds more like wuk) Daddy.... etc etc"  All I can say to that is, "Yes, Daddy is gone to work. Yes, he took the car. Yes, he's gone. Yes, he'll come back."

I said to Ben at the beginning of last week, "In the next two weeks I can just bet that Katie is going to start assigning ownership to stuff." Sure enough, at the end of last week I heard a lot of, "Mommy cup. Mommy puyle(puzzle) Daddy book." etc.  My girlie is just growing so fast!

We didn't quite get all our outside house renos done this summer, but the main items have been checked off.  Ben is still working on a few outside things when the weather is nice, but it's starting to get dark earlier and earlier so pretty soon any outside work will have to be done on Saturdays.

The days are getting shorter! I know you'll all hate me for saying this, but I secretly like it when the days get shorter. I love being cozy and warm inside. It's so much easy to cook a good hearty supper when you know it's cold outside and you have a husband coming home who needs a hot meal.

I think I have some nesting going on. Unfortunately it's not in the form of cleaning. I suddenly have this urge to create; sew, knit, bake etc.  It's not a bad thing to have, I just hope I get the cleaning form of nesting soon too!

My new goal/resolution is to go for a quick walk with Katie after lunch/before her nap each day: nothing long, just around the block. I don't get as much(or any really) exercise as I need so even though it's only a 10 minute walk, I figure it's better than nothing.  Plus, fresh air is conducive to sleep so I can't really lose.

I was going to be all "ahead of schedule" at get my fallish decor out early and I missed the boat completely. It's Thanksgiving this weekend and I haven't done anything yet. Oh well, good thing there is more of fall after Thanksgiving. I just feel like if I don't have stuff out by then there's almost no point in putting it out. I know that doesn't make sense, but that's just how my mind works sometimes.

My Polestar calendar still has a VERY central place in my life.  My mind is like a seive these days.  I forgot three separate times to pick something up last week. The only way I got it was to ask Ben.  I probably forgot because I didn't write it in my calendar. What was I thinking?!

Katie is walking!!!! But I'll save that for another post :-)

Monday, October 03, 2011

One of the few

It was Eric & Becky's wedding this past Saturday and I left my camera in the car..... I totally forgot about it and by the time Ben went to get it, most of the pictures were done. Here is one of the few I got.