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Emma Sophia

Ok, I'm finally getting around to blogging pictures of Emma and the days after she was born.

I went for a midwife appointment on Monday(being 40.5 weeks) and when the midwife checked me she said I was already dilated 5cm and 90% effaced. I was super happy and surprised! I had some mild contractions over the weekend, but nothing to write home about.....She thought I would go into labour that night, but no such luck! Wednesday I went back in and another midwife checked me and said I was at 7cm. There was a midwife at the hospital already, so we went to get some supper and then into the hospital so she could break my water. We had to wait for 2 hours as I was GBS positive and needed the meds to kick in. 10:30, the midwife broke me water, and about 10 minutes later, serious contractions started. And hour and a half later, after 20 minutes of pushing, little Emma Sophia made her overdue entrance into this world!

Happy she's here! Can't believe we had another girl!

A good size, just like her sister(Katie was 9lb 5oz)

Proud Daddy!

My mom came and held Emma when she was just barely an hour old. Very special!

Ready to go home!

Meeting baby Emma!

This was so sweet; she was say "Hi baby Emma! Hi baby Emma!"

Holding her and not quite sure what to make of this tiny little person.

Katie knew just how to hold her!

My parents with their granddaughters. (So strange to say that! granddaughterS!))

So content with her Papa!

Ben's mom with her 8th grand-child. Emma makes 2 boys and 6 girls!

Ben's dad trying to introduce Emma's puppy :-)

The fun, funky monkey quilt Ben's mom made for Emma. It's not quite done yet :-)

So snuggly! Emma is a total snuggler(is that a word?) and loves to be held!

Being weighed by the midwives. Have I mentioned that I LOVE the midwives? They're the best!

Uncle Wayne and Aunt Lorraine from next door.

Opa and Oma with their Great granddaughters! God is SO good!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Too Cheap

I guess I'm kind of cheap, but in a good way I think. I wanted a toiletries bag for Katie to hold all her paraphernalia(toothpaste, brush, tylonel, nail clippers etc), but to buy a decent size bag is close to $15!  I said forget it, I can make that way cheaper!

It cost me:

  • $0 for the material(compliments of my mom's scraps)

  • $1.50ish for the vinyl(Yay for 50% off sale at Fabricland)

  • $1 for zipper and thread

VoiĆ”! A toiletries bag for $2.50 and every thing fits with room to spare!

I have to admit, the vinyl is a bit of a pain to sew and I did have to take out a few parts and redo them, but practice makes perfect. The second bag I sewed was slightly easier, but still tricky. I have more material just waiting to be cut out and used for perfecting my skill :-)

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Christmas 2011

This post is a little over due. I wrote it a few weeks ago, but never got around to posting it!

We got together for the VMS Christmas gathering last Saturday and had a wonderful time! We decided to get together earlier in the day for lunch and then a munchie supper! Here are some pictures of our day!

A penguin and scarf from Uncle Eric & Aunt Becky; perfect because Katie loves penguins and scarves!

Mom made me this beautiful wall hanging that matches our front hall to a 'T'! It says "Est. 2007" the year we were married.

I made these fleece hats for the kids this year; they seemed to like them :-)

Mom made this Dr. Seuss quilt for Tim (and his kids): so fun!

Katie and Charity both got a doll for Christmas from Mom & Dad.

She LOVES her doll and is playing with it all the time!

She right away knew what to do with the bottle too!

A pots and pans set from Uncle Tim & Aunt Jannyne. Katie is having SO much fun baking 'bread' and cooking 'soup'!

Ben uses a backhoe at work and Katie is always very excited to see his backhoe when we go and see him there. She was pretty excited with this gift!

Eric setting up his snowman.

Working on Kara's Strawberry Shortcake magazine.