Monday, April 30, 2012

Nice, I mean Rice fun!

I coloured some rice for Katie to play with and so far.... great success! Oh, half of it is under her chair and she already tried to eat it once, but other than that, great fun!  The fact that she ate is payback for me saying to Ben after he asked why I coloured it, "well this way she won't think it's real food and try to eat it!" Sure enough, I had hardly put the container in front of her, walked to the kitchen for some buckets and she had put some in her mouth. She thought it was real rice I guess. Ah well, no harm done! I keep hearing, "oh no!" every time some falls on the floor.  I guess she'll get a lesson in sweeping when she's done :-) **Edit. I just cleaned it all up and only 2 tbsps of 4 cups was on the floor, not too bad! It always looks worse than it is.

I coloured about a cup of rice in each colour with just regular food colouring(enough drops until I was happy with the colour) and put it on a cookie sheet overnight to make sure it dried all the way.

So much more fun than regular rice! And now I know we won't accidentally eat it either! I can just put a lid on it and save it until next time!

Say Mom, this is kind of cool!

So far, she's been entertained for almost half and hour and she's not bored yet!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Then and now

Three preggo ladies getting a pedicure back in November.  Due December, November and November

Three girls, none of whom were on time:  November, November, and January. (I couldn't figure out how to flip the picture, so Mariah and Emma are in the wrong spot according to the picture above. Kristen is still in the middle.)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Old MacDonald had a farm

Ok, it's not old MacDonald; it's the A. family. And on Wednesday we went to visit them as their sheep just had lambs. Oh and they are the cutest little lambs ever! We also toured the rest of the farm which was fun for the other kids. Katie, well... Katie tolerated it and survived from a distance. Seriously, this girl is such a scaredy cat! She's terrified of everything that moves and some things that don't.  She warmed up a bit to the sheep until one "Baa'd" really loudly and freaked her out all over again.  I kind of doubt she'll be a farmer, Ahh well, at least she looked the part! Even though she was scared, she's been talking about it all week!

Thanks for having us Diana!

Can you see the apprehension?

Isn't she a sweetheart?

So cute!

So excited to see the sheep!

Kyrie was brave enough to let the cow lick her hand!

Nice looking chickens eh?

My farmer girl :-)

Her hair is just long enough for pigtails again :-)

The bunny

All so interested

Ever try to get three two-year-olds to sit still and look at a camera? Not an easy task, I tell ya!

Lovely girls!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My two-year old, Katie

Some notes about Katie, our newly-turned two-year old. **I wrote this post back in February just after Katie's birthday.

  • We love her to pieces!

  • She has the most delicious giggle!

  • She's a pest and enjoys pesting us. She'll offer you a cheerio, start to give it to you and then quickly pop it in her own mouth. It's a very fun game to play!

  • She is very uncoordinated. She can only climb stairs on her hands and knees or if there is a railing and someone's hand to hold.

  • She has an amazing imagination: she'll pretend that there's snow inside and 'throw' it in the air.

  • She loves music and usually requests it several times a day and in the car.

  • She's kind of clutzy: she'll run too fast or turn around and just fall over.

  • She's a drama queen: she'll 'fall' over (which is really more like just sitting down) on purpose and then make a big deal about it and then, in this cute little serious voice, tell you that she fell.

  • She loves songs with actions and is quite good at them.

  • She can be a big suck and cry over silly things.

  • She has a temper and is impatient when things don't go her own way: ie, the blanket is crumpled and in her efforts to uncrumple it she crumples it more.

  • She's a goof and likes to show off.

  • She hates hair or little fluffies: she will pick a tiny little hair/fluff off her plate and give it to you.

  • She loves to be read too and would probably sit on my lap all day and read stories.

  • She has an amazing memory(I think) and remembers things from months ago. For example, over Christmas my Aunts and Uncles came down and we spent a few hours at my parents with them eating supper and chatting. My Uncle Walter and Aunt Marsha brought their little dog, Frodo along. Well just a weeks ago Katie suddenly started talking about Uncle Walter and Frodo at supper time. I guessed right away who she was talking about, but to make sure, we asked what he(Frodo) said. Katie responded with a "woof! woof!" She then proceeded to match up the correct Aunt with the correct Uncle. It's not like we see them very often either. The last time we saw them was in August. She'll also remember places or details from just one interaction. We went for a walk around the block and saw a backhoe(or excavator...something big and yellow don't ask me!) and the next time we went for a walk around the block she wanted to go and see it and actually went the right way!

  • She likes to be chased, but is sometimes really half scared. She knows it's a game and yet you can see this little glint of serious fright in her eyes.

  • She's very cautious: she wants to hold my hand to go over a little bump.

  • She's a mimicker. We really have to watch what we say around her as she'll just repeat it. She'll be in the kitchen, hear us say something, and then come running in the room repeating it. She also will mimick your actions--big time! Even when you think she isn't paying attention, she's noting it all down for future reference.

  • She usually always asks to read the Bible after meal-time.

  • She'll lie down on the floor a couple times a day with a blanket and stuffed animal and "sleep." It's like a powernap or something for her.

  • She's learning to eat with her fork, but still thinks her fingers are faster.

  • She's very observant, especially in the car and will point things out which I then have to search for.

  • She talks, but really do I need to tell you that?

  • She loves to help and brings things to the laundry, kitchen, bathroom etc for me. She'll also fetch for me when I'm nursing Emma, provided she can reach the object needing to be fetch :-)

  • I almost can't talk about her in front of her. She'll remember what she did/said and try to recreate it. Ok if it was cute, not good if was something naughty.

  • She still naps or at least is in her bed for 3ish hours each day. How long she actually sleeps I don't know, but she gets quiet time(and so do I) each day.

  • She makes us laugh with her antics and goofiness.

  • She LOVES showers and will ask for one if she hears it mentioned.

  • Is loved so much by all her Opas & Omas, Grandpas & Grandma, Aunts & Uncles, Cousins and friends!

Wow, this is a long post, but good for my faulty memory!

Monday, April 16, 2012


We had a beautiful sight in our backyard last night: butterflies! There must have been 50 of them flying around like crazy! Anyone have any idea what kind they are?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Queeeult

So Katie was ready for a big bed. Gulp! My little girl is growing up! She just needed two things: a bed and blankets for on the bed. This is when creativity struck. I wanted to make a quilt for Katie's bed! I was inspired by my very talented mother-in-law a long-time quilter extrodianaire who had made this Crazy 8 pattern many times. It looked simple enough so I ordered the pattern and went shopping! Fabricland happened to have a 50% off sale when Corina was here in January, so she, my mom, and I went shopping and ended up with these lovely colours. I was a little nervous as to how it would look when it was all done, but suffice to say, I am VERY happy with the finished product! The quilt probably took me about six weeks total. I had to sneak in sewing when both girls were sleeping: an hour here, half an hour there. Then I hand quilted in each big block as well. There is a total of 80 blocks! Each block consists of a large block surrounded on two sides by smaller blocks. I have a new appreciation for quilters and the labour and love that goes into each quilt!

Fabric, washed and ready to cut!

We had Ben's old bed from when he was kid; it just needed a fresh coat of paint.

So put a new quilt and a freshly painted frame and voilá! a bed ready for a little girl. I love the colours; they're such 'Katie' colours!

Doesn't she look so big now? Katie was very excited for her new bed and quilt. She says 'quilt' so funny: Queeeult. Anyone who has heard her talk can just imagine her say it in her high-pitched little voice!

I love this little girl SO SO Much!

Friday, April 13, 2012

A little something

Katie needed her own bag to carry her stuff: diapers, cup, snack, puppy etc. when she went to church or to someone's house. Since she's past the stage of needing a change of clothes and other tons of paraphanalia she didn't need a huge bag. I wanted it to be something that she could I made this. I borrowed a pattern from my mom and used some leftover denim and a bit of felt. Katie loves it and is quite pleased to carry it! Doesn't she look grown up?

Please excuse the cookie all over her face; we had just finished our snack :-)


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fence Project

Last summer Katie was a year and half, but as she wasn't yet walking we didn't have to worry about our backyard being open and her being able to escape! Well, this year it's a different story and with the spring weather, "containing" became a priority! Over the last week and a bit Ben spent a few evenings constructing a fence along the back of our yard. It's now much less stressful letting Katie play outside and if I have to step inside for a minute I don't have to worry about her running off! Our gate also has a lock on it which I'm sure will come in handy in the future!


Measuring and digging the holes for the concrete

Ben made the section of the fence closest to the gate able to swing open so we can back up our car or Ben's truck into our back yard.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Three Months

I was going to write a two-month post a few weeks ago, but then realized there's not too much different from her one-month post, so I thought I'd just wait until now.

Emma's schedule is still much the same as before.

7:30/8am wake and nurse. She then sits in her bouncy chair. She's usually awake for a good hour before she falls back to sleep.
10/10:30 nurse Lies play in playpen until she falls asleep
1/1:30 nurse and sleep
4/4:30 nurse and play. She usually fusses more around supper, so the swing is just lovely!
6ish nurse and fuss
7:30/8ish nurse and off to bed
4:30am nurse(or 6:30 if she's feeling generous)

Emma loves her bouncy chair and actually kicks at the toys hanging down. Katie would just lie there and never really kicked, but Emma kicks a lot, so she usually hits the toys and actually bounces in the chair!

I just got her bumbo chair out a few weeks ago; she was a bit wobbly at first, but in the last week she seems to be ok in it for a little while.

She loves faces and people talking to her.  She's such a people person! She can be crying away in her playpen and as soon as you go and talk to her, she's just fine.

Emma is full of smiles. Katie was a good smiler, but I think Emma smiles even more and there's a real connection when she looks at you. It's like she totally understands what you're saying. So fun!

She's finally found her thumb in earnest now. She usually sucks it when she's falling asleep and sometimes just randomly too. It's funny though because sometimes she has trouble finding it and she'll get really mad and make really loud sucking/chopping noises accompanied by screaming until she finds it. She doesn't want any help, mind you, so we just have to let her find it on her own.

Emma is a crier; she'll just cry and cry for no reason at all. I can ignore it pretty well but it does wear on me after a while. The last couple days she's been much better; I think we may have turned a corner! Dare I hope?

Here are some pictures of our three-month old cutie pie! I couldn't pick just one!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

A Trip to the Park

We took an impromptu trip to the park a few weeks when we were enjoying some gorgeous weather! Katie loved it and keeps asking to go back.