Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Look

Our two and a half year old's version of "the look." I dare you not to laugh.

A wonderful visit

We had a wonderful, too short of a visit with wonderful people! Mom and Dad Kattenberg came for two weeks and we enjoyed having them here so much! We had such great chats over morning and after-supper coffee. It was so relaxing having them here; they just fit right in and we miss them already!

Katie had so much fun showing off for them and playing with Oma! It was special watching Mom with the girls. Who knew that a few almost seven years ago when I was living in Rosedale, BC, with the Kattenbergs that they would come and visit me, my husband and girlies in Ontario!

Thanks so much for coming Mom & Dad! We hope we'll see you again soon!

Friday, July 27, 2012


We're all sick here. And by all, I mean every single one of us and I think some of our furniture may be sick too. Think colds, coughing, and sinus infection for lucky ol' me. Posting will be a little sparce for the next little while as we hunker down and try get over it all. I've been never been sick the same time as my kiddos, so this should be an experience.

See you when the fog lifts!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hey Everybody! It's the Icecream Truck!

The prices were actually very reasonable. $1.50 for an icecream cone. Ben bought a huge banana split for $6.50 that we shared with the three of us.  I didn't get a picture of it; it was eaten too quickly! But it was yummy!

Monday, July 23, 2012

We're home!

We got back on Friday and Saturday was spent unpacking and doing laundry. I haven't look at all my pictures yet, but here's a quick sneak peek of our camping trip!

Friday, July 13, 2012

A Break

We're headed out camping bright and early tomorrow morning....ok, not that bright and early, but anyways....

Things will be dull around here for the next week, so feel free to read through the archives!

See you in a week or so!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jeremy and LoobyLou

My Oma made these dolls in the 70's (guessing by their clothes anyways :-) and I remember playing with them when I was a kid. They now sit on top of Katie's toyshelf to keep her company while she plays.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Five minutes in the life of Emma

 Ok, so Mom put me in this funny chair and plunked a toy in front of me.
 I guess I can play with it, seems kind of interesting.
 Ok, now I REALLY need this toy...I'll try and stare it down....
Oh boy! So much fun!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Miss Her

So when I first met Hanna(she replaced me at Word & Deed), I thought: nice girl, fun, great sense of style. I never thought we'd be kindred spirits and read eachother's thoughts! Our first moment was looking up a file with a certain name. The name was familiar to me from a movie or something and we both thought of it at the same time and (this is the better part) we both had the same opinion of the movie and actor in question. We knew we were meant to be the best of friends! Since then we've had deep, honest conversations, tons more thought-readings, many advice giving/needing talks, too many hysterical laughing sessions to count and one good 'spying on boys' time. (They were our husbands and some others, but I know, can you say 7th grade?!?!)

Anyways, Hanna got married to some guy(ok ok, he's really nice and I guess I like him) and moved away. All I can say is that I miss her and am VERY thankful for skype. And even though we're over two hours apart, we still think the same thing A LOT!  We've kind of decided we're like Lucy & Ethel; you can decide who is who :-) In an ideal world, we would live next door to eachother too.

So galpal, HanBan, when you read this, know I'm SO thankful for our friendship, how honest we can be with eachother and look forward to many more years of laughter, tears and professional McDonald's dates :-)
your galpal, Heath :-)

Monday, July 09, 2012


Just a few randoms of my Katiebaby, my sweetcheeks, my boofy, my hunny, munchkin... the list goes on. It's a wonder she actually knows her own name :-) Lately she's been going by George. The rest of us also have different names. Sometimes our family is as follows:

She may or may not have had help with those names; don't ask me why they're all male names either.

 So cheesy!
 Sometimes not happy. She had been asking all day to go in the excersaucer and I just could not make it stick that she's too big and that it's for Emma. Finally, I said enough is enough. You want to go in? Fine.  She then decided maybe it wasn't as much fun as she thought it would be. I couldn't help taking these pictures, she just made me laugh depsite my frustration.

Talking to Daddy on the phone. Can you say huge phone bill in 15 years? We better start saving! She can actually carry on a pretty decent conversation on the phone which is nice for the person on the other end.

 I'm not sure why I like this picture, I just do. Oreo crumbs included :-)
 She got up on this stepstool (with my help) and couldn't get down. Such a chicken!
 Supper time with puppy. It makes me smile that she did this all by herself :-)

She sucks her thumb and snuffles the right ear of her puppy. Only the right ear mind you, never the left. 
She wants to be baby, wants to be rocked, go in the swing, exersauer and the biggest one.... wants to nurse! Not cool! Anyone else's kids go through this phase?

 Ben showed Katie how to chew on grass the other day. She now walks around with one piece of grass in her mouth and a few extra to offer to others.
 She does a lot of this. Looking at the neighbours through the fence. Her looking is usually accompanied by a persistant "Hi. Hi. Hi. Hiiii? Hiiiii! Hi." until someone says hi back.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Wee Mouse in Tin House

I saw this adorable idea on a certain website(cough, cough Pinterest) and made a little set for Katie as a surprise when we travel 4.5 hrs(eeek!) to go camping next week. I have a feeling she'll like it as much as I do!


Thursday, July 05, 2012

Fun in the Rain

Her mother may or may not have taught her this :-)

 She ran up and down the walkway I don't know how many times!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Six Months

Half a year ago we brought home this little, ahem, 9lb 3oz baby.

She's grown, but not oodles. At her doctor appointment last week she weighed in at 12lb 15oz. At her four-month checkup she weighed 12lb 7oz. She only gained 8oz in two months....not so great. The doctor wasn't super worried; she looks healthy, is alert and reaching all the milestones appropriate for her age.

  He suggested I feed her lunch and supper before I nurse her instead of the other way around. She should pack on a few more calories. She loves her solids: rice cereal, oatmeal(if she's hungry enough) squash, bananas and most recently, pears!

Some quick facts about my six-month Emma:

  • Weighs 12lb 15 oz. I was pretty close with my guess of 13lbs at five months.
  • 25.5 inches long
  • Eats oatmeal cereal for lunch along with some fruit: about a half cup total. Pears for dessert!
  • Eats rice cereal and veggies for supper: about a half cup total. Pears for dessert!
  • Nurses 6/7am, 9am, 1pm, 5:30pm, 7/7:30pm
  • Sleeps 7:30pm-6/7am
  • Loves her excersaucer
  • Smiles for anyone
  • Sucks her right thumb frequently and during meals
  • Giggled for the first time for her big sister
  • Has a temper, but doesn't show it too often anymore
  • Loves to stand, sitting is ok, but not so much
  • Shudders when she doesn't like a new food, like full body shudder. It's hilarious!
  • Is a total flirt
  • Still in size 2 diapers
  • Is a super light sleeper. I can hardly open her door at night to check on her and she wakes up.
  • Can see really far and doesn't miss much.
  • Knows her name
  • Is LOVED!

Monday, July 02, 2012

June 2012

I think I'm going to try and summarize each month at the end of the month with some of the things that have happened. They'll be in no particular order with no particular significance. So here goes June!

We are super into eating cold cereal late at night. 9:30pm, ya I think I'll have a bowl of cereal. We're kind of mood food eaters that way. If I didn't have a menu plan, it would be 4:30 and I would still be trying to figure out what I was in the mood for. Speaking of meal planning. I'm still using this one. It's the longest a menu planner has lasted in this house!

Ben was in Dietrich and Jenny's wedding. It was fun, busy, and a lot of laughs. For some reason the day was less busy then when I was in Hanna and Ian's wedding. It might have something to do with the fact that men take slightly less time to get ready? Just a thought.

Ben has been working on the front porch stripping railings and sanding the new boards we put up last year. We hope to have a nice place to sit in a few more weeks.  The front out of house has been on our agenda for the last three years. Every summer we've had large goals of getting it all done, but it never quite happens. I think I can confidently say that THIS is the year it will be complete, or nearly complete.... nevermind. We'll probably finish it in 2015!

We celebrated ( and I use that word loosely) five years of marriage on June 2nd.  We're actually a little boring and did nothing. Ben bought me roses the following week, but other than that... yawn.... I'd still like to go out for dinner and a movie or something, but it gets more complicated with two kids one of whom needs to nurse before she goes to bed!

We are now church janitors as our previous janitors are moving away. It's a contract reviewed and renewed annually.  We're going to cut back on a few other areas in our life that were taking up time, so we will hopefully still have some time to relax and do house renos. We'll see how that goes.

We bought a little inflatable pool for Katie. She loves it and call it her "cool." Appropriately named I think. She goes in it almost every day.