Thursday, September 27, 2012


I love this man.....
More than the day I married him!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Some random notes about Katie

Katie: Age 2 1/2

  • Loves tomatoes
  • Is in her bedroom every afternoon for at least three hours(probably 2 of them are actually spent sleeping)
  • Wants to know the name of everything and everyone and then rarely forgets
  • Plays contentedly in her playpen for at least an hour every morning
  • Wears size 3-4 clothes, but still some size 2
  • Is loud and a showoff
  • Gets frustrated easily when she can't do something
  • Loves music and songs with actions
  • Will make a baby out of everything as long as there is something to use as a blanket. Ie. a clothespin and a washcloth
  • Loves being read to and goes through phases where she only wants the same book read over and over and over and over and over!
  • Has learned how to open her bedroom door and come out of bed
  • Likes Emma, but usually just ignores her or is jealous of her
  • Likes to pretend to be a baby
  • Loves her Daddy and is very excited when he comes home from work. Most common greeting: "Hi Daddy!!! You wanna come and play duplo with me???!?!?!!"
  • Still has some cradle cap hiding in her hair
  • Is a total goof and very lovable
  • Loves french fries
  • Eats her vegetables before everything else on her supper plate
  • Snuggles her puppy(which has decreased by half of its original size) every night
  • Can say her "r's" but fights with her "l's"
  • Wears size 8 shoes and will be going into size 9 soon
  • Is tall. I think the tallest in the nursery
  • Is loved

Monday, September 24, 2012

This girl....
...and this girl...
..... went for a walk.....
....some walking more than others.....
 ...some revived by water....
 others needing something more substantial to rejuvenate them.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Western Fair

Ben and I had a nice date night last week to the Western Fair.  Ben won free tickets on the radio: bonus! The fair was fun, nothing so exciting, but we were together which made it fun and special!

 Night without kiddos? Yes please!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Little Sister

I was just looking through some old pictures and found this one of my beautiful sister, Hannah. I'm not if I've ever told you folks, but this girl is quite an excellent sister, daughter and aunt! She cooks, she cleans, she writes, she sews, she babysits, she plays piano, she reads(ALL the time!); she loves Doctor Who The Doctor, Shakespeare, Georgette Heyer, Jane Austen, and SciFi.  She's fun, great to watch movies with, quote books with and view Pinterest with. She's giving, caring and willing to help. She's a wonderful, young, godly woman eager to learn and eager to know God's will for her life. She's seven years my junior, but has far surpassed me many ways:  writing skills, books read, piano pieces played, French learned(but really... who wants to learn French!??!)
Even though the job in Scotland didn't pan out, I'm secretly(and now not-so-secretly) pleased she's not moving away. I'm glad thankful and blessed to have my not-so-little sister around for a while longer.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Bedtime Stories

....are the best when they're....

....outside, on a blanket, and with Daddy

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Keepin' it real

Yes, this is my husband. And yes, that is a bumbo chair on his head. I have never been more proud.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


We've been taking quite a few walks in the last little while: trying to make the most of the nice weather, get some exercise and just spend some time together.

 Emma holds the edge almost the entire time, except for when her thumb is in her mouth. I love her little hands.

This is one of those "Flyer" wagons that cost big bucks. Ben found this one at a yardsale for $10. Wahoo! It pulls great, has rubber tires(no loud plastic ones!) and fits our two girls just right. It could use a new paint job, but for now we don't mind a little chipped paint.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Katie has managed to get away with very few bumps and scrapes this summer. So far, no need for those Strawberry Shortcake Bandaids I bought in May and paid WAY too much for. But the week before last, Katie did a nice number on her knee and because there was blood, she got a bandaid!

Just an aside here. Those Strawberry Shortcake bandaids I paid way too much for: what a waste of money! The actually part of the bandaid that's supposed to cover the hurt is less than 1"x.5" Seriously, what kid has ever had an owie that small? The rest of the bandaid is big enough, but the non-sticky, protective part... sure just make that minuscule so when you have to take it off, half of the adhesive is stuck to the roadrash. Ok, I'm done venting now.

I ended up putting a great big bandaid on and stuck a Strawberry Shortcake bandaid over top. It worked just great and Katie was very proud of it. Actually she really didn't notice that pain that much until I took it off the next morning and she cried and cried. She then went limping away, stopped and asked me to carry her. I couldn't help laughing, she was just so forlorn. She limped off and on through out the day and we definitely heard a lot about her owie.

Here are a few pictures to document the event.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Emma at 8 months

Not too much has changed since Emma's 7 month update.

  • Can sit by herself now, but will tumble occassionally. 
  • Is SUPER sensative. Ridiculously so. 
    • If she barely hurts herself it's the end of the world and she bursts into tears.  
    • If you walk by and don't acknowledge her, she's so offended she bursts into tears. 
    • If you try and "force" her to do anything (move her head, hand etc) she's so hurt that you would be so cruel, she bursts into tears.
    • Thankfully her tears are usually short-lived, but usually needs significant comfort to be ok again.
  • Weighs 14lb 11oz. She's gained 10 oz since July 26. She's a peanut!
  • Loves being outside!
  • Is a fussy eater
  • Is a totally Mommy's girl. 
  • Is taking her sweet time cutting her two bottom teeth. 
  • Reaches out her arms if she wants to go you. Love it!
  • Does NOT like being on her tummy, but hasn't figured out how to roll back. 
  • Loves to play peek-a-boo
  • Has figured out to make razzing noise/bubble blowing
  • Is called "CrankyPants" many times a day.
  • Is a total Love!

Thursday, September 06, 2012

A visit with Charity

Cousin Charity came to play with Katie yesterday. They had lots of fun playing outside, reading, playing dolls, "sleeping" and having a tea party!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

FireTruck Parade

This is the first year in a long time that Ben that Katie could go do the Firetruck Parade. She was finally old to go and was SUPER excited. She talked about it all day on Friday and couldn't wait to go on Saturday morning.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012


We had lots of company over this month! So much fun to visit with friends and family. I've learned something too. The more generous you are with your hospitality, the easier it gets! I have to confess I have a hard time not being stingy and think, "how much is it going to cost to feed ALL these people?" And it's true, when you're on a budget, you do have to be smart about what you serve, but that should not be the main focus of my worries when we invite people over. It's something I think I'll always have to fight against. This article was sent to me by a friend and I found it quite helpful.

Ben helped out with Boys & Girls Club this year. It was a busy week and we all missed him! The girls missed him especially as he was only home for an hourish before going to the church. He missed the girls too as he only saw them for an hour each day most of which was taken up with supper.  It did work out well that he was there helping, as the church needed a quick clean after each evening.

I haven't done much canning this year. We still have peaches, pears and tomato stuff from last year. We did relish again this year and I canned straight tomatoes. I've done a bunch of different jams too. We still hope to do pickles this year. If we can find apples, we'd like to do applesauce in the fall.

I found a grey hair on Ben's head. Right on his temple, which is, I grant you, a very distingued place to get grey hair, but nevertheless! A grey hair! I even yanked out one of my own hairs for comparison. My hair was gold, reflecting in the light. His hair...... not so much. Anyways, in case you look for it next time you see him, you won't find it..... I yanked it.

We've been dealing with a skunk all summer. We're pretty positive he/she/family lives under our garage. Most evenings when we sit outside we have to go in at dusk when he comes out. He probably sprays at least once a week... not so fun.

I've been super busy preparing for the upcoming Sunday School year. I make the schedule and little memory books for each child. I also make worksheets for the older two classes. I was just asked to be Chairman so that adds another whole dimension to the work. I enjoy it though so that makes it much easier!

Monday, September 03, 2012


Yesterday I experienced what no mom wants to ever go through.

I stayed home from church yesterday afternoon with sick kiddos. Katie was pretty happy most of the time and was playing pretty nicely. She was pretending to go shopping and I think I heard something about going to Aunt Amanda's house. Ok, that's fine, you can go, have a nice time! No, you can't go out on the front porch; you have to stay inside and pretend. Ok, that's fine... In my head: maybe I should lock the screen door, even if she’s good about obeying and not going out by herself…. I don’t do it. People are going to be home from church in a minute and then I’ll just have to unlock it for them anyways.

Nick and Alyce come home from church and I walk to the back door with Emma to say hi and chat. I don't hear Katie but assume she's gone upstairs for the zillionith time that afternoon. I say to Nick and Alyce that Katie is being a little too quiet, so I should check on her. I walk to the front of the house and the front screen door is wide open. Ugh, Katie, why can't you listen and stay inside? Oh wait, she's not on the front porch and she's not at the side of the house. Ok, I'll run back in and holler upstairs for her. Nothing. Ok, this is kind of strange she always answers, usually with an excuse about what she's doing. Holler again. Nothing. I ask Alyce to go upstairs and see if she's hiding. I run outside again. Nothing.  At this point I don't care what the neighbours think. I holler again. Nothing. I run back in, I put Emma on the floor and tear up the stairs. She's not upstairs. She's not downstairs. She's not in the front yard or within easy view of our sidewalk. Now I'm starting to get a little freaked out. Ben isn't home from church yet... seriously! Where is he!?!??

I run outside the front door again calling madly. I start running down the street towards Scott St: a fairly busy street. I'm looking down between the houses as I go. I don't see her. Maybe she wandered into someone's back yard, but why isn't she responding? Thoughts start running through my head: maybe someone has taken her, some weirdo picked her up off the side of the road. Maybe she's in someone's house and can't hear me. I'm going to go down in history as a mother who let her child wander off and someone snatched her. I'm praying, madly, incoherently. I'm still running down the street, calling out. I get to Scott St.  Now where? There are three new directions that I can go. How do I decide? I see two kids walking down the street, maybe they’ve seen her. I’m looking frantically, searching for any sign of her. I turn and am about to go and run after the kids to ask them if they’ve seen a little girl and I spot her! My heart leaps. She’s tottling down the sidewalk halfway down the block on the opposite side of the street. She is barefoot, with her too big hat on, and her purse in the crook of her arm. I yell to Nick who is going down the street the opposite way that I found her.

There’s a car coming down the street; I wave, hoping to warn them of this little girl who is looking like she’s going to cross the street back to my side. I’m tearing up the middle of the road, I don’t think I’ve ever run so fast. The car that passed me has slowed down as Katie is starting to cross the road. She hears me calling, no screaming, after her. She thinks it’s a game and starts to run. I scoop her up in my arms and finish crossing the street in front of the car.

Katie, Katie. Oh my Katie. All I can do is hold her and weep. Nick comes down the sidewalk and holds us all together.  We’re standing there in the middle of the side walk. I’m crying, and shaking. Katie is crying; she has no idea what a scary thing she’s done. We walk back down our alley to the back yard. Katie’s sobbing for me to stop crying. I can’t help it. The relief is tremendous. Thank you Lord! Thank for the protection you gave my little girl: walking down the street, crossing a busy road, being totally oblivious to the danger around her. I’m SO unbelievable thankful.

Five minutes later, I’m still kind of shaking, but can talk to Katie about what she did. I think she just may have sensed I was slightly upset. Oh Katie, you may NEVER walk down the street by yourself. And you may NOT go off the front porch or even onto the porch without Mommy or Daddy.

She’s so quick to respond: yes Mom, sorry Mom. But she’s two and a half; she has no idea what just happened.  Oh my little girl, what kind of terrible things could have happened, but God in His providence kept her safe. Thank you Lord Jesus!

The Lord shall preserve you from all evil;
He shall preserve your soul.
The Lord shall preserve your going out and your coming in
From this time forth, and even forevermore.

Ps. 121: 7, 8