Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 2012

As I type this while eating my breakfast which has 4% milk in it because we ran out of our 2%(something about eating fruitloops at 10pm last night) Katie has hollowed out a side of her banana to make a boat. Between that and flapping her arms and pretending to be a bird, breakfast is taking a while.

This week is busy with finishing up 3rd quarter finances for Word & Deed and trying to keep my house running relatively smoothly. It's so easy to become totally involved with work and forget that I still need to put supper on the table. Crockpot meals are good these days.

Katie is up these days between 5am and 7am usually having to go the bathroom. Have I mentioned I LOVE having a potty-trained kid? especially since Ben usually takes her first thing in the morning. There are a few moments when it's inconvenient, but that's life in general. Anyways, she normally will go back to bed, but staying in bed is the problem. We bought her an alarm clock so she can get out of bed when it goes off, but that has only worked a few times.

Emma is a changed child. She's happier, more content, sleeps better and is gaining weight! She's all of a sudden big! My baby is gone and a little girl two months shy of 1 year is in my house. She is still demanding, but it's a more livable demanding... if that makes any sense.

Life is busy and a good week consists of two nights home together. That seems to be happening once a month. Between Catechism every Tuesday, Ladies Bible Study, Deacon and Consistory meetings, church functions and odd things that come up here and there, our calendar is pretty full.

We ate some of our pickles on Sunday. They were delish! Good flavour, crunch, Yum!

Katie is starting to draw. Not just scribble randomly, but draw with purpose. She actually doesn't do half bad. It's so fun to watch her little fingers create. She holds her pencil like a model pupil and actually has ever since she starting "colouring."

We put 40 bags of carrots in the freezer on Saturday; it was a very good haul from our garden!

I'm excited for the energy savings time to change. Up til today, mid-peak is until 11am, so I have to get my laundry done before that. Tomorrow it's from 11am-5pm which means if I'm gone in the morning or if I forget, I have all afternoon to finish.

But I'm not looking forward to time change. I like the fact that it'll get light earlier and dark earlier, but I'm nervous for what it will do to my kids. In the spring, I thought, no big deal, but I got quite the opposite. Maybe it'll be different because we get an extra hour instead of loosing an hour? We shall see.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Katie not wanting to go to bed: "I don't want to sleep, I sleep on Friday"

"I hurt my tomatoes" after she stubbed her toe.

Me, "Katie are you a goofyboof?" Katie, "No I'm a sweetpie!"

I like (fill in the blank) I do! I do! I do!

Da fire is weally hot! It has sparkles!

I need some chopstick.

What are you doing for? 

In the nursery one day: my bum crack is falling off! (She meant her pants are falling off.)

Mom, I burped in my mouth!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Emma 9 months

Emma has now been outside of me longer as she was inside of me. Weird. I gotta say, sometimes I wish she was back inside. She's a dear, lovable, smiley girl, but sometimes..... what a crank!

I know, you'd never guess it, but it's true. She's a demanding, sensative, mommy's girl who lets you know what she wants, when she wants it.
This is my proof.

This is especially true at supper time. We've been eating supper much earlier which seems to help and sometimes I feed her supper before our supper to keep her whining to a bare minimum. 

She's finally taking a bottle! Hurray! I just tried it one day with 2% milk and while she wasn't excited she didn't hate it either. The next day I tried again and we never looked back! She's been a fussy, nosey nurser, and the bottle gives her the freedom to look around as she likes.

I wonder now, if she really has been getting enough through nursing. She would nurse SO quickly: 5 minutes, maybe. She also would frequently wake up in the middle of the night and want to nurse. For the last few days, I've been nursing her on both sides before bed*EDIT(that was last week; I am now down to just the morning) and giving her a bottle of Homo Milk. She'll drink between 6-8oz. And for the last bunch of nights, she's been sleeping until 7:30ish.  Lovely!

I really feel like I've turned a corner with her now. I'm still nursing her in the morning and at night, but once she hits that 10 month mark, I am done! Done! Done! Done!

Besides that, she's hitting her regular milestones. She's talking lots: Mama, Dada, bababa. She loves having her sounds talked back to her. She's got this great sense of humor. It's hard to describe, but there's something about her smile and laugh that just connects.

 She loves to play peek-a-boo and will turn her head and look away and then wait for you to call her name and then look back again. So fun!

She is kind of moving on her tummy. She doesn't really like being on her tummy and will usually roll over. But she is starting to move backwards. She is also turning in circles while sitting on her bum. We shall see how fast progresses!

She is a total dumper. She'll pull everything out of the basket and make a big mess around her; then she'll start playing with stuff. It's like she has to see all her options before she chooses what to chew on. (See what I did there? Chooses to chew? Hardy har har....)

She has two very sharp teeth and uses them on everything! Thankfully she's been "neglect" in using them on me. Phew!
She LOVES Katie. And is always trying to pull at her or touch her. Of course Katie's responds with a whine, "Emma's touching me!" The picture above is her looking at Katie.

She still wears some 3-6 months clothes, but is mostly in 6-9 or 6-12 months.

She naps for usually at least an hour, sometimes two, in the morning and anywhere from 2-3 1/2 hours in the afternoon. This girl is SO unpredictable.

She can play by herself very well. If I stop and look at her or talk to her, she expects me to follow through with the attention and pick her up. Sometimes I just can't resist that smile.

She's a total sweetheart and will break your heart if she cries. Her smile is so real and will just melt you.

She still wears some 3-6 months clothes, but is mostly in 6-9 or 6-12 months.

We kind of, pretty much, totally love her!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rag Quilt

When I made Katie's quilt last year, I had leftover bits of batting that were just too good to throw away. I found this really cool idea to use up bits of batting in a rag quilt. I used leftover bits of flannel and picked through my mom's stash of flannel too. I cut a square here and there as I had time and did the same with the sewing. Although towards the end, I did kind of just sit down and sew all the blocks together. Then came the snipping. It took me about two hours, I know, because I watched Little Women(which is two hours) while I was doing it. :-)  Here is the result:

This is unwashed; it's much fluffier now.

Just a fun quilt for the girls to lay on and/or snuggle under and the best part? It was all leftovers, except for the thread.

By the way, those Roman blinds I'm supposed to sew for Katies room.... they're still waiting. I'm just too scared to try.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


How to attract your two-year-old in 8 easy steps.

1. Find out where your child is.
2. Determine that she is playing happily and completely absorbed in her toy.
3. Walk away quietly.
4. Do a small task such a rinsing dishes, or tidying.
5. Listen and hear your child continuing to play
6. Go to the bathroom
7. Take 2 minutes to close the door so it doesn't squeak or click when it's closed.
8. Sit down

By the eighth step, your child, regardless of what she is doing or where she is, will coming running and start whining on the other side of the door.

9. Finish what you started
10. Resolve never to try and go to the bathroom again while your kids are awake.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Quiet Book

This is the latest project I finished. A quiet book made of felt for Katie to "quietly" play with. So far, she loves it. Some of the pages are a little too old for her, but she'll grow into them. Just incase any of you think I may have quickly whipped this off one afternoon. I didn't. I have been working on this, off and on since last October. Yes, October. All in all, I probably spent at least 20 hours, tracing, cutting, ironing, sewing etc. I'm glad to be done! Hopefully it lasts. I think I would cry if it got wrecked within a year.  I got a bunch of pages from this website and the rest from an old magazine my mom had on quiet books.

I made a denim cover for the pages, secured with velcro.
 Katie's a little young to tell time, but when the time comes (haha) this will come in handy!

 Button the flowers on the stem. There is a slit cut in each flower.

 Dress the girl. Do you see she even has clothes for Holland? Hup! Holland Hup! This is probably Katie's favourite page.
 Four seasons. The leaves and flowers snap on and off and are stored in the pouch below. (Yes I know, Ben pointed out, according to the foliage, I have three different kinds of trees!)
Open the barn and find finger puppets!

 Weave the tennis racket.
Drive the car!(see it peeking out of the garage?) The road signs come off and can be moved around.
 Lace the football.
 Learn to count.
 Make the puzzle.
This is last page in the book. Check the mail! 

Friday, October 05, 2012

Favourite places

These are some of my favourite places/pieces in my house, at the moment anyways....

 I LOVE this quilt. My mother-in-law made it for us for our wedding. I got to pick the fabric: blue and yellow happen to be a favourite of mine.
This little bookcase sits on our attic stairs and currently holds all our juvenile/older books and novels. As you can see, we're a little tight for space.

 My treadle sewing machine (also a gift from my in-laws). It's currently in our front hall; there will be a basket of hats and mitts on the peddle soon!
 This is on top of our bookshelf in the living room right now. I'd like to get the same size frames for the girls, but I haven't had any luck yet.
 This Gorgeous quilt was made, designed and handsewn by my Oma. It hangs above our piano and I never get tired of looking at it.

Thursday, October 04, 2012


We made pickles this month. It took me, with Ben helping fill jars, about four hours. We picked a greenbin full of cukes and got 40 quarts and they all sealed! Now we just have to wait three or four months to eat them! Talk about self control!

Ben has been working on the garage like mad!(no, the front porch isn't done yet: only one more coat of paint!!) Our garage took over on the priority list because it was falling over and needs to be finished before the snow flies.

Every Saturday this month has been busy with company/babyshower/weddings etc. I'm dreaming of a relaxed Saturday, just doing some work, and I emphasise some, not loads, just some work around the house, having a relaxed coffee, going for a walk, spending time as a family..... maybe in a month or so....

We went to a family reunion for Ben's Groeneweg side of the family. It was fun to see so many people and amazing to know there are 392 people in the clan!

Ben and I were sick, again. We had some weird stomach virus/flu with headaches, nausea and other not-so-great parts.  Katie and Emma seemed to have been spared, although they just came down with colds. Better than the flu though!

We're looking forward to cool nights and days and Katie asks almost every day if it's winter yet. She desperately wants to build a snowman with Daddy.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

A steal!

I found this Fisher Price house on Kijiji last week and snagged it for $25 with all the furniture! Katie loves her little people(that I snagged off Kijiji earlier this year) and she'll be getting this for Christmas this year! I can hardly wait! I may or may not have had a lot of fun setting it all up!

  A little loved, but that's ok!
A bathroom suite!(sorry it's a little out of focus.)
 Main floor laundry!
I don't think these pieces are original Fisher Price, but they're the right size, so we'll keep them!
Check it out: Dad driving home from work, kids playing, mom slacking relaxing: she's super mom and has all the housework done, laundry done, supper in the crockpot, table set and now she's just chatting with her friend while waiting to welcome her husband home.