Monday, February 25, 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Katie!

My Katie-Baby is three! I know she's not a baby, but that's just the nickname she has. Katie-babe, boof-a-loof, sweetcheeks, love... the list goes on....

 Oh the anticipation! Katie has been talking about turning 3 for many months now! She was delighted to finally have her dream come true.
 She loves Strawberry Shortcake and sings the old theme song with her own variations on the lyrics throughout the day. I grew up hearing this song on the old record we had as kids which is why it's the song I sing and therefore the song she sings updates with her own lyrics.
She needed a new toothbrush, and I couldn't resist the Bubble bath on sale for a $1.50!
 Katie loves shawls, or anything that can be used for a shawl. She likes to use mine, especially at breakfast when she's cold, but it's way to big for her, so I knit her a smaller version with some BFM yarn I picked up a few years ago.
Katie also loves Raggedy Ann. (I know she loves a lot of stuff!) I've used a bit of the fabric in the rag quilt I made last year and one of her beanbags is also made of the same fabric. I had just enough left to squeeze a pair of pjs out of it. I had some knit/stretch fabric in my bin to maker her a pair of white leggings to go underneath. She was slightly pleased :-)

P.S. I may or may not have had a pair of pajamas out of this Raggedy Ann fabric when I was a teenager. And I may or may not have worn them into the first years of my married life until my husband may or maybe not confessed to me one day that he wasn't *ahem* "fond" *ahem* of them. Don't laugh.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Some notes about my Emma Girl

She weighed 19 lb 8 oz at her appointment a few weeks week. When we was weighed, she was only 7 lbs heavier than her then-five-week-old cousin, Dexter! I wonder what the difference is now.....

She wears some 6-12 months clothes and some 12-18 months.

She has small feet and the winter booties that Katie wore at this age are way too big for her, but she wears them anyways.

She only "crawls" backwards as of yet, but gets places by pulling herself with her hands while sitting on her bum. Works well on hardwood, carpet... not so much.

She loves to scratch/tear at her stomach when undresses or in the bath/shower. I don't know if it's itchy because she never does when she has a shirt on.

She's still in an infant carrier. It's just SO convenient to be able to set her down with her scooting off!

If you're holding her, she won't look at you. Will. not.

She can wave, and she loves to clap. She can also say 'please' in baby sign, but does NOT like to perform.

She can't get from her tummy to sitting and rarely rolls over.

She plays peek-a-boo by putting her hands on top of her head and putting a goofy grin on her face.

She get unsatisfied very quickly and always wants to move on to the next thing.

She LOVES Katie and always wants to play with her or with what Katie has. Katie is less than pleased about this and hoards all her stuff where Emma can't get it.

She loves showers and would sit there for a long time if I let her. 

She loves Ben and so far, Dada, is about the only thing she says.

She's a HUGE whiner. I think it's just a habit she's gotten into. She'll whine at supper and keep whining sometimes when her mouth is full. Any suggestions to break the habit?

She's a total love that will melt your heart!

Monday, February 11, 2013

January 2013

Emma turned one! We had a little party for her and Sunday birthday coffee with Ben's family.

I finished year-end for Word & Deed. I clocked 35 hours in January and I felt it! The first three weeks I was really on top of stuff. Good, "normal" meals were on time, laundry was done, house was cleaned. Then the last week the glue stopped working and we felt it. Laundry fell behind, house was needing some alot of attention; we had Burger King, chicken strips, pizza buns and pizza all in a row. My kids were clingy etc etc. But I finished on January 31st: a record!

I almost finished year-end for my other client: 22 hours booked there. I finished up the first week of February, so not too bad. The girls got sick halfway through the month, so I mostly went nights. I think one week I did books until 10:30 every night between the two jobs. But now, I feel like I have SO much free time! Makes me appreciate the 11 months that aren't year-end!

Katie stopped napping halfway through the month. She went a week without napping and I went up one wall and down the other! We tried quiet time in her room with books, music etc, but it was like pulling teeth to get her to stay in her room! She just wanted to "be with me." I guess her room was just too far away and she wouldn't let herself relax far enough to sleep. Finally she started napping on the couch. I now sit down in the living room for 10-15 minutes while she lays on the couch and falls asleep. She will then usually sleep for an hour or hour and a half. Nice! The time I "have" to sit is good for me too. It's the perfect time read my Bible or Ladies Bible Study book. I've gotten a lot of knitting done too while she takes some extra time to fall alseep some days.

We went to a lovely staff party for Word & Deed. A first of a tradition, I hope! It was so nice to just sit and chat informally with my collegues and have a few a lot of laughs!

I completed my January checklist and deepcleaned my fridge, stove and microwave! Confession: I have never cleaned the inside of my oven in my entire married life. Eeeeee!!!!  The fridge was also emptied and deep, DEEP cleaned! We have a leak somewhere of something though (not food) so the bottom corner doesn't look clean anymore, but it was! Really!

I cleaned out my china cabinet and filled it. You can read more about that here.

We rearranged the living room. Again.  Every half year or so, I get bored and want to rearrange. So we did and the part of my floors that hide under the furniture were cleaned once again.

My sewing room became a dump site for many things. We caught a mouse in the closet (which is usually blocked with stuff) so all that stuff got piled up elsewhere when said mouse needed to be disposed of. I need to spend a day in there sorting and reorganizing.

Ben and my brother Nick fixed our mantel. Well the mantel didn't need fixing but it needed stonework and tile. I'll have a post on that soon!

I'm looking forward to a more relaxed February!

Friday, February 08, 2013


This is very belated, as is evidenced by the date of posting, but I wanted it recorded none-the-less.

 Ben's parents treated us all with a train ride in Port Stanley this Christmas! It was lots of fun and we all really enjoyed it!
Santa was waiting at the end of the train for all the kids to meet. The younger kids were slightly excited, even though they have no concept of who Santa is.
 In case you're wondering about the top picture on the left... I made Mom a set of these snowmen for Christmas. Suffice to say, I got the reaction I was hoping for!

 The few pictures I got of our own family gift opening night. 

 teBokkel Family Christmas. Two more kids than last year!

Monday, February 04, 2013

Worth it

$3.00 of rice
$0.01 of food colouring 
$0.02 of rice to sweep and throw away
A clingy three-year-old entertained for the entirety of an hour long phone call?

Worth it!

Saturday, February 02, 2013

China Cabinet

Our China cabinet hasn't been much of a china cabinet as much as it's been a catch-all/extra storage unit. We didn't have glass in the doors and everything would aquire a good layer of dust faster than I could keep it off. The result? Dusty dishes that had to be washed before used.

I've wanted doors on the cabinet for forever, but we thought was going to be a big expense so we put it off. Had I know it would only been $60 we would have done it a LONG time ago.

There are a few special pieces I can now display properly.

My aunt and uncle had given us a set of antique dishes before we were married and they sat in a box until last week.
I haven't been able to find a date to these dishes, but they're all hand painted and I think hand-turned as they're just a little bit different. The only thing I could find is that they're from the early 1930's.

We bought two trays of silver (plated I assume) pieces at an estate sale a few years ago and they were just sitting under a bed getting tarnished. I still need to polish them, but I need silver polish first. My baptism cup is also finally out of a box.

A old lady (is that rude to say?) who comes to the cemetery(her husband and daughter are buried there) often has kind of adopted Ben and us. Our kids call her Grandma Leeson and she gives them birthday and Christmas money for their birthday just like the rest of her grandkids! Anyways, she gave Ben (well me I guess) two Royal Doultons as a thank-you for "all the work" Ben does for her.
One of the silver tray has a pot for loose coin and other "bits" and the other silver dish holds Ben's, keys, phone etc when he's home. 

It took me forever to arrange everything, but I'm very please with the end result. I can't help but smile every time I walk by.