Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ear piercing

So here's the story, the dramatic tale, unfolded.

Katie enjoys earrings. She liked to have glitter glue put on her ears to look like Mommy. Last year, in an attempt to get Ben's 'yes' I put glitter glue on her ears to show him what it would like look. It was a no-go. She was "too young and it would take away from her cuteness." I tried again in April and Ben sheepishly agreed it was pretty cute on her. She has more hair, and it's not so "in your face" as it would have been before.

Some background here. All of my sisters and myself had our ears pierced when we were little. There are two camps:

1. Get them done when they're little, so it's not such a big deal and they don't touch them etc etc.
2. Make them wait until they're older, can appreciate it, take responsibility for the pain, etc etc.

I really actually agree both sides. It's really whatever you as parents agree on. I will say this, however; Katie was not at a good age. I see the folly of my ways. lol! I really should have waited until she could handle it better, but I must confess, I was selfish and wanted them done.  What's done is done now, and I think I will get Emma's done younger (when Ben warms up to it) so it's not such a drama.  That being said, Katie is a TOTAL drama queen (yes, nod your head and chuckle, it's true) so her experience was a little more dramatic than an average three-year-old.

Anyways, now for pictures! We went with Corina, when she was here, but alas, the camera died, before we could get a picture of Katie with Auntie Corina. Thanks for taking all the pictures, Corina!

The Before Picture

A little nervous?

They haven't even done anything yet here. This is just Katie, being upset about something that might hurt. In this case, it did.
First look and she burst into tears hysterics all over again!
The lollipop only made it slightly better.
Icecream is what really fixed it. Oreo blizzard to be exact. A girl after my own heart!
Putting ice on it to feel better.
Then she just wanted to eat the ice. Forget the blizzard, just give me ICE!

"Oh mom, you got a little something there...."

Love her!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Easter Outing

Remember when we went to Canadale last fall?  Well this spring they put on a similar event with "springish" animals.

 See how brave I was?!?? Petting a tarantula!! It was actually surprisingly soft!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Little Dutch Girl

This dutch costume is from my Mom or Oma from a few years ago. All Katie is missing is a pair of klompen!

Which grandmother do you think she looks like here? Joan or Jacqui?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Getting along

It happens every once in a while around here.

Emma can be such a stinker and knows exactly how to push Katie's buttons. Katie flips out about everything and Emma just smiles and knows she's accomplished her goal. It's difficult to find the balance. Katie has to chill and Emma has to not pest... ahh sisters....

But every once in a while, they get along, usually for about three minutes.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Yesterday, Ben built the girls a sandbox. I found plans last year on Ana White's site, but we just never got to it last year. Ben whipped this beauty off in just three hours yesterday and it turned out exactly how I wanted it. He changed the plans just slightly to make it a bit bigger(5'x6') and he used six inch boards instead of four inches.

 I LOVE this one. Katie is just sitting so non-chalantly watching Ben.

 A cover is a HUGE must-have with all the neighbourhood cats, raccoons and skunks!
The girls have been out there since after breakfast this morning and I don't think they're bored yet. Covered in sand, yes, bored, no. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I really need to write these updates as the month goes past because I'm now stuck racking my brain as to what happened in April!

We had a portion of the back of our house soda blasted. The previous owners had painted some of the brick and we had tried everything to get it off before finally getting it professionally soda blasted.
The highlight of April was that my dear friend, Corina, surprised me on April 19th and was sitting in my living room when I came home from a bridal shower. I think I gave her a pretty decent reaction by jumping up and down and screaming. I mean, calmly saying hello and asking her how her trip was.... *cough cough*... moving along....We had a lovely time chatting and drinking tea and coffee and eating Toblerone. Hmmmmm!! We didn't go any "big" places  but had a relaxing time at home. Corina went for walks with Katie and entertained my kids many hours while I was busy with meals and housework. She also graciously babysat a few times and did plenty of dishes too!

We organised and cleaned up our entire basement and man, does that feel good! Ben spent portions of three Saturdays cleaning up his workshop, reorganising tools, building shelving and pitching junk. It's SO nice to walk downstairs and know where stuff is.

We had some beautiful weather at the end of April! It felt like summer!

The rest of the month was filled with normal life and meetings and such. Ben is usually gone every Monday for church related meetings, Tuesdays for Catechism, Wednesday are usually filled up with something for him or me, Thursdays we church clean and then it's the weekend which of course gets filled with this and that. But Ben is usually home every day by 5pm for which I am very thankful!

Friday, May 03, 2013

Proud Mama

She wrote her name all by herself. She called me when she was done writing. She always writes her "A's" upsidedown first. Lol! Also, just ignore the green sheep, she thought it was a bush.