Friday, November 29, 2013


Finally, apples to make applesauce! We were given apples from friends who were blessed with a bumper crop this year. Some went into pies, some were dried and the rest went to applesauce! It's so yummy; not too sweet, but a perfect side at supper.

Ben did about three manual turns on the Victorio strainer and got his drill out.

 Mmm, taste testing!
Ben did all the turning, ladling and canning outside while I washed, chopped and cooked the apples inside. We did 22 quart jars for ourselves, 19 pints for my parents and sister. It took us about four hours start to finish. Have I mentioned I love working with Ben? He's kind of great.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Katie and her cousin, Charity had their first sleepover a few weeks ago. I expected to be running up and down the stairs telling them to settle down and be quiet, but I didn't have to at all. Charity was out like a light but Katie stayed awake for a bit. I did have to go and tell her to just go to sleep and not wake up Charity.

They were up early the next morning but kept eachother occupied so I could get a bit of extra sleep. They played wonderfully all day until about 3pm when Charity needed some space. Katie isn't a very spacing-giving girl, so it was hard for her to just let Charity be alone for a bit.

 They had to have matching hair!
 It was very fun for them and I'm sure the first of many sleepovers for these cousins!  "Bye, Thanks for coming Cherrrrty!"

Monday, November 25, 2013


Well I hit the halfway mark last week; I'm halfway done growing this baby. It's an amazing thing, growing a baby. I still look at each of my girls and think, wow, I grew her; she was inside me for nine months. Amazing.

Morning sickness left around week 13 and I could finally eat something besides cinnamon toast for breakfast. I was still napping until 16 weeks. I found the most effective naps were 10 minutes: not long enough to fall asleep (when that happens there is no hope for me) but long enough to give me a boost for the rest of the day. The last month I haven't napped at all, partly because I've been busy and partly because I've forgotten which means I'm not actually tired!

I have lovely pelvic girdle pain, which is literally a pain in the butt. It started about week 12 which is pretty early, but thankfully that portion has subsided just in time for my symphysis pubis pain to start up again. I got a band from my chiropractor to wear around my lower hips which is supposed to help by cinching my hips together. I think it does help a bit, but it's not magic, so I still have a fair amount of pain and unease getting up from a chair or rolling over in bed. So if you see me stagger up from a chair and waddle across a room, try to hide your snickering and snorking as much as possible.

I started feeling this baby move around 16 weeks; he/she is a nice wiggly baby and kicked hard enough for Ben to feel last week. I feel lots of wiggles usually within five minutes of sitting down. "Hello, Mom, stand up and walk around; lull me back to sleep!"

I felt "big and thick" right from the start, but I think it's finally starting to look like a baby bump and not an extra helping of dinner. So for documentation's sake, a picture.

Sorry, it's a bit crooked; this is the best I could do with selftimer. Also, just ignore my calendar that still says August.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Back in June, when Ben was gone to Synod meetings, I wove him a blanket. We have a woven blanket that my mom made for us a few years ago, but we fight over it it's not quite big enough for two people to be covered completely while watching a movie. I wanted to try my hand at weaving and a blanket was the perfect, "easy" project. So while the cat's away, the mice will play!

My mom is an excellent teacher and guided me through the process. When you just see the finished product, you don't realize how much work goes into it all. I had some idea from watching my mom, but until I did it myself, I had no idea of the actual backbreaking labour involved.

I forgot how many hours it took me. I did it over a couple evenings and a day, so I'm thinking a good 10? hours. It was very enjoyable though and now we have one more cozy blanket to snuggle under.

So some pictures of the progress. I forget some of the lingo; it was back in June afterall. 

Nice, neutral colours to go with our non-neutral furniture.
 Winding the warp to get 360 ends(strands) 3.2 yards long.
 First batch of the warp on.

 Four strands had to go inbetween each "tooth." The thing with the teeth is called the Raddle. You can kind of see it on the next picture.
 Count and double check.
 All set up, the second time. I knocked the raddle off before I was done all the way the first time.
Katie nicely played while I worked.

 Each strand had to go through a tiny "eye."
 They had to stay in order according to headle too. I think this was my least favourite part.

 Slaying the reed. Every strand had to go through the eye of the headle and then the reed.
 That hook in the right hand was used to pull the strand of yarn through the reed which is that flat thing laying across the loom.
 All tied off, in batches of four again! Those strands aren't going anywhere now!
Weaving looks easy, but is surprisingly tricky. You have to throw the shuttle with just the right force. There were many times I threw it too hard and it almost broke the window, either that or not hard enough so it wouldn't go through all the way. But once I got the hang of it, it was actually quite relaxing.

What I saw while weaving. We unwound a part of it later to see what it was looking like. I have trust issues; I wanted to make sure it was going to look good!

 Done! I don't have any pictures of twisting the fringe. I had to count four, put two in each pincer and twice and tie. Only about 90 times for each end.
It's double this size. I couldn't get good picture of it all unfolded. If you want to see it all unfolded, you'll just have to come over! Oh and Ben was surprised. I didn't have it all the way done; the fringe needed to be twisted, but that didn't happen until several weeks later. Now it is used daily and even if you're not cold, you still want to snuggle under it because it's just so cozy!

Monday, November 11, 2013


Katie: "It feels like I need a chocolate."

Me: "Katie don't be too wild.:
                "Ok, I'm not being wileee"

Katie, pointing to her upper lip, "my mustache hurts"

"Mom, I think my tummy hurts; I think I need a popsicle."

Me: "You don't like your caramel corn?"
                            No, it's a little bit too corny.

Katie singing Shine, Jesus Shine and she got the words a bit mixed up.

Blaze Spirit blaze, set our hearts on fire turned into:

"play spirit play, Santa's heart on fire."

Katie: "You know what babies say? Aaaack! Like a baby seal!"

Friday, November 08, 2013

My teammate

I have a teammate
The mate of my dreams
He knows what I'm made of
He's sewn up my seams

We work well together
And we do that a lot
From canning to housework
Renovations, the lot.

We fit well together
Like a hand in a glove
And when we're apart
We die--sort of.

We laugh with eachother
We guffaw at our puns
We snork at our lameness
We snicker a tonne.

 We like to watch movies,
Read books and play games
We call eachother schweetie
And lots of nicknames.
I'm thankful each day
For the blessing I got
The man of my dreams
I love him a lot.

Monday, November 04, 2013

October 2013

My younger brother got engaged to his lovely, girlfriend, Alyce. They've been going out for a few years and Alyce already feels like family. We'll be glad to welcome her to the family officially next spring some time!

I measured Katie and found out she had grown and inch and a quarter since June! That would explain some of her crankiness!

I finally turned on the furnace in the middle of the month! Usually our Ben's date is October 1st. VMS's don't turn the furnace on before October 1st! Don't you know! It's been a beautiful fall and not too cool, so we haven't had to. When it hit 17 degrees in the  morning though, I was cold enough to turn it on!

We went through about two weeks of kids getting up a lot in the middle of the night: bad dreams, lost puppies, fevers, etc. I'm not sure what brought it on, but it was definitely a reminder to be thankful we get to sleep eight hours straight most nights!

A friend of mine picked up a bushel bags of apples for $5 for us and Ben and I made 16 quarts of apple pie filling out of them. It took us about an hour and a half, maybe a bit more for the canner to finish up. Ben peeled all the apples with our apple peeler/corer thingy and the rest hardly took any time at all! We canned them in two-quart jars. One two-quart jar makes a 9x13 pan of apple crisp perfectly! I'm not a huge apple crisp person, but this stuff is delicious!

Our church renovations are finally done! Ben added up all his hours spent at the church cleaning up stuff, working on reno stuff and it was 70 hours in five weeks! No wonder it felt like he was always gone!

We made four batches of Hot Pepper Jelly. I grabbed some red peppers from the 50% off shelf (way too many it turned out) and figured if I was going to chop, I might as well make some right away. Well actually, that's not quite true. I chopped but was almost ready to just throw them in the freezer for another day, when Ben said he'd help because "we might as well do it now." It's delicious and spicy too: perfect on crackers with cream cheese.

My mom and I made apple pies again this year. My dad helped with peeling the apples in our peeler thing, and my mom and I did the pies. We made and baked 24 pies in approximately four hours, but when we were done, we were done, aka finished, aka, exhausted. BUT, we both have a dozen pies for our freezers!

I had a 24 hour flu; that was fun. It came out of nowhere and thankfully left just as quickly. A week later Katie came down with some sort of viral thing and got a fever, runny nose, very red, teary eyes and was just bla for a day. By day two she was much better and day three totally fine.

We got water in our basement. again. In four years we've had no water and then twice in one season. Ben figures it's because we had a new gas line pushed along the side of our house which shifted the soil which allowed the water to drain differently. The long and short of it is: sump pump.