Monday, February 24, 2014

Pregnancy Notes part 2

My hip problems have settled down substantially since my last post about pregnancy. They're not gone completely and I have to be careful, but the constant pain and "clunking" is much less frequent! Hurray!

I am nesting like a crazy woman. Seriously, there is something wrong with me. I never had this with my previous pregnancies, but I am cleaning cupboards, moving furniture, washing trim, organising, sorting, baking and cooking for the freezer; it's a little concerning, at least for Ben. He had to "forbid" me from cleaning my fridge at 10pm one night; seriously? This is problem I have?  I figure I might as well keep going since the typical third trimester energy slump hasn't hit yet. And (this is my favourite reason) this will give me a good excuse to do nothing after the baby is born, because it's already been done!

Heartrate is still at the 136-140 range. (Girls were 155-160's)

If you would have asked me how my pregnancy is going a few weeks ago; I would say good and healthy. But then the other day I actually went through all the "sicknesses" I've had in the last seven months and turns out, not so healthy: Bronchitis, UTI, Sinus infection, sinus infection and upper respiratory infection, flu, sinus infection, pink eye. Yikes!

I'm pretty sure I'm growing a soccer player with all the kicking going on these days. Ouch!

I've been told my belly is really "pointy" as in all sticking out front. I also haven't gained a ton, for which I am happy, especially considering I haven't been holding back at all when it comes to delicious food. Going up and down stairs is good exercise I guess!

Heartburn is on the top of my list and I have to be careful to ration my tums through the day so I don't run out! I drink half a glass of water with a heaping tsp of baking soda 2-3 times each day. yum. not. 

I walk waddle slowly, especially through all this snow we have. But really, just in general, I need to give myself some extra time if I need to walk any distance.

I'm finding it hard to not cross my legs while leaning forward at the computer. Like right now, it's a struggle.

I am way more excited for this baby to be out than I was with the girls. Seven weeks seems like a long time from now!

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Katie, pointing to her forehead after spinning around and around, "Mom, feel me. I feel dizzy!"

Katie occassionally likes to have conversations with inadimate objects. She's lately taken to giving herself trouble for it however. This is what I heard while she was folding cloths.

'Oh, cloths, what are you doing? You come here so I can fold you. No! no! we don't want to be folded. Yes! You must...... wait a minute... cloths don't talk!!!"

This is a Ben one. I asked him what happened to my facebook tab on the computer. His response? "Uh.... it fell off?"

Katie told me I had hairy arms like Daddy, so I have to shave them off. Thanks daughter; thanks a lot.

Katie wanted to play Mom and Dad "Ok, I will be the Mom and Emma will be the Dad and you can be the hunny." Not a kid, mind you, hunny.

Katie: "Do leopards eat envelopes?"
Me: "Envelopes? "
Katie: "Ya, envelopes!"
Me: "Oh, Antelopes!"
Katie: "Ya!!"

The phrase "What in tarnation!?" is used by Ben on occasion around here. Katie's version: "What in tarshishnation?!"

Monday, February 03, 2014

January 2014

I got the flu. Well not technically the "flu" but what we call the flu.  Nausea, headache, hot/cold and the finally at the end of day one, emptying the contents of my stomach. It's been a long time since I was sick like that and I hope it's a long time before it happens again. I spent the day on the couch and in bed; the girls were wonderful and somehow amused themselves and didn't fight. Ben came home for lunch to feed them and put them in bed/rooms. Day two I was feeling quite a bit better, but still that junky rotten feeling; my mom took Katie for the day and Emma and I spent a quiet day at home in our pjs. It still took another day and a half before I was "back at it".

Emma turned two! We had some impromptu parties for her which she loved!

Ben spent most of his spare time working on the girls' room. Mudding, painting, trimming and carpet will be ordered soon!

Emma learned that the easiest way to push Katie's buttons is just say the opposite of what Katie wants. If Katie is looking for a yes, just say no! and visa versa.

I cooked up a couple of fryer chickens, shredded the meat and put it in 2cup bags in the freezer. So handy to pull out for quesadillas or other quick meals. I canned seven jars of the leftover broth, also handy for various recipes. I took me three attempts to get my canner to work. Actually Ben was the one who finally got it work when he came home. He's got the magic touch!

I spent a good chunk of time working on year-end for Word & Deed and my other client. Appointments and activies were limited so that allowed me to stay on top of house work, meals etc.

Over the course of the month, I did some kitchen spring cleaning a little early: deep cleaned my stove,  microwave; cleaned out most of my cupboards(just some upper cupboards left), dusted out my china cabinet, cleaned and organised my pantry (On a side note: if you have a pantry system that has worked well for five years, don't think you can suddenly rearrange and expect it to work. It doesn't.) I didn't even mean to start cleaning my kitchen, but once you do one cupboard, it's not such a big deal to do another and another. (Another side note, if you're fighting with some embroidery stitches, a good way to feel better about your "wasted" time is to clean something at 9:30pm) And also, here comes some brutal honesty, (stop reading if you don't want to be disgusted), I hadn't cleaned out my cupboards in about two and a half two years. Gross.

We had lovely cold, cold weather for about three days and then we went from -25 to +5 in two days. Gross. But the next week it cooled down again and we got some snow back. The rest of the month was pretty cold, but full of beautiful sunshine!

Our good friends Ian and Hanna had their baby! A darling girl, called Damaris. Seriously, she is ADORABLE! We went up to Hamilton to visit and I forgot to take pictures! Ahh! We went van shopping in Toronto the same day, but with no luck. We got there too late, plus the  traffic, snow didn't make for a good combination.

I started making yogurt again. I haven't made any for a while since I morning sickness hit last August! Costco has well-priced yogurt, but we don't always get out that way and I like knowing exactly what is in my yogurt or isn't!

We've been suffering from dry skin around here. I rarely, rarely have issues with dry skin, but this winter, I've had to wear gloves while doing dishes or my skin just burns because it's so raw. The girls have the same issue, but they are loving getting their hands and face slathered in cream!

I tried out par-baking a pizza crust. After it cooled, we added toppings and popped it in the freezer. We tried it the next week and baked it from frozen for 25ish minutes (just like a regular frozen pizza) and it worked great!