Tuesday, July 29, 2014


My brother, Nick, got married a few weekends ago to a lovely girl I'm glad to finally call my sister-in-law! Ben and I were both in the wedding party and Katie was a flower girl so my camera sat in its bag for the majority of the day. Ben snapped a few for me later in the day while I was nursing Alex. It was a lovely, crazy day. The weather was lovely, Alyce was gorgeous, Alex was a dream until after supper and we now have Alyce officially part of our family and Nick can stop complaining about how he just wants to be married :P ! You can click here to see more pictures!

 Aren't those flower girls cute?
 Mr. & Mrs. teBokkel :-)
If Alyce wants to know what Nick will look like in 60 years, she needs only to look at my Opa!

Monday, July 28, 2014


Alex thinks chats with Daddy are the best. I happen to agree!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Is there any air left in this swirling pool?
I catch glimpses of faces as I make the turns
Are they looking?
Do they know?
Can they see me fighting the current?
Can they see me gasping for a breath?

It's hard in the deep water
My feet can't find the bottom
My hands can't find the edge
I flail, wildly searching for something to grasp
My strength is running out

I fight an inner battle
Should I give up?
How sweet to just let the water carry me
I could relax, for once and let my angst go
Does it really matter?

Then I remember, as if a small still voice whispers
I don't need to struggle alone
There is a Hand reaching down
I can grasp it and He will pull me to safety
He will carry me to the water's edge
He will give me new breath and new strength

So I reach and grasp, knowing He alone can save me
And I am pulled to where my feet can feel the bottom
I take a new, deep breath and feel refreshed

I am still in the water, for that is part of the journey
But I am no longer in the deep, all alone
In time I will be there again, I'm sure
Yet, I know I can rely on Him
He alone can rescue me.

I wrote this last week in the middle of a particularly trying day. It started off as an email to Ben and developed further than I had orginally intended. Neat how that happens eh? I find writing is almost like therapy for me and somehow helps me process.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

June 2014

We celebrated our 7th anniversary on June 2nd! That is crazy to me because that means only three more years to our 10th anniversary which seems BIG to me!

Alex was baptised by my Opa at the beginning of the month. He baptised my mom, me and my girls and now Alex. It was so special that he was still able to do it.

We planted our garden, and by we I mean Ben and the girls "helped."

I finally made our front porch a nicer place to sit. I moved the carpet from our living room which, after seven years, was looking pretty shabby for inside, but just fine for outside. Ben hung lattice on one end of the porch for privacy and eventually for the climbing plants to hold onto. We bought hanging baskets and made our planters this year! We also made some extra planters this year which add some nice colour to the porch.

Corina came for a visit! I'll do a separate post on her visit.

We had a lot of stuff going on as church custodians: wedding, piano recitals, etc.

We enjoyed our Sunday school picnic! I found two willing ladies to plan and organise the picnic, so I was free to relax and just take care of my kiddos. Ben was gone that day to a bachelor party for my brother, so I was glad I didn't have to worry about running around organising everything! Thankfully Corina was here to assist with my girls!

We did a lot of driving in June: a couple North-London trips, some regular London trips, Toronto, states-side shopping, a bridal shower in Wyoming, a wedding in Mitchell. Phew!

Monday, July 07, 2014

Alex at Two Months

My not-so-wee babe is two months already! Some notes of our son at this stage in life.

He's in size-two disposable diapers
At our discharge visit at the midwives (5.5 weeks) he was 12lb 4 oz and had grown two (2!!) inches since birth.
He's out of his Moses basket and in the crib. I wasn't ready for that, but he was just too big for the basket. He also is in a sleep sack; no more swaddling for this kicker.
He's kind of sucking his thumb: here and there when he's fussy.
He's in cloth diapers (at 7 weeks)
He nurses 8ish times in 24 hours still; still cluster feeding at times.
He's in almost outgrown three-months clothes and now needs six-month onsies when in cloth diapers.

Ok, half a month later, most is still the same. He's on more of a schedule now and has a "nurse, wake, sleep" routine at 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm and 7pm. He goes to bed about 7:30 (when I'm done nursing him) and I dreamfeed him around 10pm. He sleeps through the night from 10 on until anywhere from 5am-8am, so sometimes he sneaks in an extra feed. He's super consistent with his schedule and will nurse within the half hour of those times.

He had his two-month appointment at 10 weeks and weighed 14lb 4oz and was 26 inches long! He was 85th percentile for weight and off the charts for length. He's SUPER long and grew 5 inches in 10 weeks!

He's a very content, happy baby, full of smiles and stories to tell. He does amazing when we go out for a day or two.

He's a puker though, mostly a result of eating too much. He often spits a good amount right after nursing along with an excellent burp!  Thankfully he doesn't seem to be bothered by coffee, tomatoes etc, so I'm free to eat whatever.

In short, we are blessed to have such an easy-going baby. Life with three is busy and we are thankful for his easy transition into our family!

The girls love on him in spurts, but for the most part, they're pretty busy playing with each other to notice Alex.

 This was at 6 weeks. Strong boy!