Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sunday walk

We had early afternoon service a few weeks ago and went for a long walk after a quick supper. Katie now has enough leg strength to bike for a distance longer than around the block.

We did hear lot of, "Can you help me? Oh no! A rock, that's a bump! I can't. I'm falling!"
Alex loved riding!

I love those cubby hands holding on!
Look at my muscles, mom! They slept well that night!
Ben thought this was easier than pushing it.
Time to go inside! This fresh air is getting into my lungs! (name that movie!)

Friday, April 24, 2015

Alex is One!

Turning one has suddenly made Alex in to a big boy! He's no baby, no longer! He's huge. He wears almost entirely 18 month clothing, especially for length.

 But he's still my baby!

 Alex loves to play piano and will reach and reach until he can just get the keys. He loves to sit and plunk away on the keys.
 Sometimes he gets a little stuck!

He pulls up on everything (just to his knees for now) and opens and shuts all doors within reach. He loves swinging big doors back and forth and so far has escaped having his fingers pinched.

He knows his sisters and will look at the right one when when asked. He LOVES them, especially Katie. Katie equally adores Alex and will pick him up and drag him around if I let her. Emma loves Alex too, but from a safer distance where Alex can't pull her hair, scratch her, drool on her etc.  You know how brothers can be....

 Alex is eating what the family eats; he's not picky so far for which I am thankful! He still has a bottle in the morning and evening. I need to cut them out, but the morning one is so convienent and he does still like his before bed bottle. But soon! It's time.

He also eats everything off the floor; dirt, crumbs, fluff, paper. My floors have to stay clean to avoid fishing stuff out of his mouth and also to avoid it getting ground into his clothes!

He thinks that the word 'potato' is humourous. You're pretty much guarenteed to get a smile if you say it, especially if you emphasis the 'p.' Emma likes to say it when he's starting to whine at supper time.

 He still naps twice a day: usually in the morning for about an hour and in the afternoon from 1ish-3:30/4:30, depending on how long his morning nap was. He sleeps 7pm to 7am every night.

Just quick snuggle and I'll be good to go!

Kitchen Progress VI



Under-counter lights installed
A filler piece move to make it less obvious and another added
Most of the kickplate along the base of the cabinet installed
Under cabinet molding on the top installed
Microwave hooked up
Some molding on the top of the cabinets
Scraping of paint drips off the floor
Measuring and ordering counter top

No pictures for this week since it was all little incremental stuff and there are still finishing touches. Hopefully counter top a few weeks!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Kitchen Progess V



  • A few meetings which took up some work time
  • Dishwasher installation
  • Side cabinets built, installed, leveled etc.
  • Window frame primed
  • Shopping for counter top and window shutters

We used to have our china cabinet here, but we wanted a built-in cabinet so when/if we move there is something to fill this extra space.
Typical sight when we're in the middle of working.
Thankfully my amazing husband is a pro at cleaning up all the "stuff"
We're still missing a few doors as you can tell. The top cupboard will have glass doors and the bottom, two short doors. The space inbetween will be open with a piece of counter to serve as a landing space for keys, wallets etc.
boys and tools
Dishwasher; still getting use to it. After almost eight years of washing dishes by hand, I feel a little lazy just putting them in the dishwasher! I'm sure that feeling will pass soon enough.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Life in Blue

I found this post in my drafts from last April, shortly after Alex was born. Fun to remember almost a year later! Can you believe he'll be 1 (ONE!!!) next week?

Some tidbits on our life with blue now that Alex has made our family a family of five!

  • After two girls, it's fun to look at boy's clothes. 
  • The girls fight over who gets to rock Alex in his carseat or cradle.
  • Katie is very helpful, especially when I'm nursing Alex.
  • Emma needs lots of extra snuggles these days. She's not a big snuggler, so we take what we can get!
  • Katie is full of "do you remember when I was a baby and then I did......" 
  • Ben is a very proud father of his son! 
  • Alex has been doing really nice, long stretches at night: after a 10/11pm feed, I'm only up once around 3/4am and then not until 7/8am! 
  • The girls haven't been woken up at night by Alex's crying, not that he cries much, and we are thankful!
  • Alex nurses eight or nine times in 24 hours, usually 30-40 minutes start to finish.
  • We've been super blessed with delivered meals; I haven't had to cook at all for the first week!
  • Ben hasn't had to take any time off work since Alex was born on the Friday of a long weekend. Ben got Easter Monday off too, so by day four we were ok with him going back to work. He came home for lunch a couple days which was a nice break.
  • The girls were at my parents for most of the weekend, which let us get our sleep and rest. They spent a day at friends and another day at my sister-in-law's. It was super fun for them and gave me some extra relaxing/recovery time.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Finally warm weather!

The girls were thrilled to go outside with 'only' a vest. Alex loved being outside, period!

These look good to eat!

See how fast I can run, Mom?!

Kitchen Progress IV


  • Painting the ceiling
  • Painting crown molding
  • Building in around the chimney
  • Drywall of second half
  • Electrical
  • Taping, mudding, sanding
  • Priming and painting colour
  • Installing crown molding
  • Building second half of all cabinets
  • Levelling and securing uppers and lowers
  • Installing coverpanels and doors
  • Installing microwave range

This is where Ben started on Tuesday morning (he took the day off) and got a lot accomplished in one day!

The drywall suddenly made the room feel smaller and tighter, but in a good way!
Watching Daddy work.
Using clamps my Opa made. I think he would have been kind of tickled to see them still used by his grandkids.
Cutting the cover panel. Can you see where something went wrong?
We used the couch cushions to lay the panel on so we could cut it easier....and then someone *ahem* forgot to move them over before the last cut. Oh well, good thing it's an old couch. We'll duct tape the cushions and turn them over.
This sociable boy just wants to be where the action's at!
Levelling the cabinets and installing an extra support rail along the bottom.

Pretty, shiny microwave, no? It doubles as a range too!
This is where it's at by the end of week four.

We're missing all our "short" doors for the sink, and above the microwave and fridge. They're out of stock at the moment. Oh well, living without doors isn't something I'm not used to.
My pantry and other cupboards are stocked again. No more running to the dining room or downstairs for food supplies.