Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Babysitting Owen

We had the pleasure last week of babysitting a little boy named Owen.  Owen is a twin and was born early and following his birth he had a number of serious illnesses and complications. The Lord graciously spared him multiple times and has allowed his family and extended family and friends to love and enjoy Owen for almost three years now.  He was at our place for about two hours, and I think Katie held him for one and a half of those hours! She loved him and I think he was pleased with the love and attention. I got a few sweet pictures of them.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Kitchen Progress VIII

Week 10! Eek! We didn't plan for the reno to take this long, but a number of hassles with the counter top, the supplier and the manufacturer set us back a few weeks. Finally, the long awaited day came last week Thursday! Our countertop was delivered!

Out comes the old sink! Can you believe for our entire kitchen reno, we were only without water in the kitchen for two evenings? Both times it was because an extra part was needed, so we had to wait until the hardware store opened the next morning. Not too shabby for a handy husband, eh?
Because the counter top was in such big pieces, we had to put this mitre corner together ourselves. After fiddling and fussing, we got it looking pretty professional. We had a template done of our counter, so the fit was perfect, basically (besides the mitre work) all we had to do was drop it in place and secure it.
My bEAUtiful sink. My favourite part of the kitchen!
This is where our kitchen is at today.

We still need a big piece of cover panel for the end of the cupboard. You can see beside the light switch that we just have a short piece to hold the space until we get another one.
So we still need to
  • put one more coat of paint on the window and door and touch up crown molding
  • buy and install tile backsplash
  • get doors and some cover panels (not in stock at the moment).
  • install rest of deco strip once we get our doors and coverpanels. 
  • do final paint touchups 
  • refinish the door to the mudroom which requires a complete strip and redo. 

Kitchen Progress VII


Again not much going on besides a few odds and ends. The counter top was measured and ordered, so we were waiting on that. More trim was patched and painted and more deco strips installed 

This is how our kitchen looked for a three? weeks before our counter top came.

Friday, May 15, 2015


We were talking about multiple babies at lunch, twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc. Katie decided that if there was one baby girl, it should be a MISStuplet and a baby boy should be a MRtuplet.

After Katie had finished figuring out a line of the Eensy Weensy spider on the piano, she shivered and said, "oooh, that scared me a bit when I played it."

I hear both girls saying this, "let me get this straight...." they say it without much thought and then realize they said it and think it's hilarious. It then becomes a joke and often repeated for the next half hour.

One of my girls: "Why don't you have a real name? Only mommy....?"

Having a discussion about water.
Ben: "Water is hydrogen and oxygen"
Katie: "Oxes make water?"
Ben: "No hunny, water is an element."
Katie: "An elephant!!!?!"

Katie for the longest time called umbrellas, "auntbrellas" Emma changed it slightly and called them "unclebrellas"

Emma: "Is the sink drowning?"  No, draining, dear.

Katie: "Alex is too loud; we should mail him away somewhere."

Katie repeating her memory verse, "Where the disciples were decembered...."  should have been 'assembled'

Katie: "Emma, carrots are good for you! They help you grow eyes!"

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy Birthday Alex!

Some pictures from our laid-back celebrations for Alex's first birthday.

The VMS gathering.

It's becoming a tight squeeze in our living room!

The teBokkel gathering

He did eat it after we got a taste!

Love this one!

Thursday, May 07, 2015

April in Pictures

They're doing yoga in case you're wondering.

Games Sunday night before bed
For some reason, he loves crawling under the table.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

April 2015

April was filled with kitchen renovations. The last couple weeks slowed down on that front as we slowly ran out of things to do before the counter top came.

Katie lost her two front teeth. They fell out within a week of eachother with much drama. A week or so later she lost another on on the bottom. So she's full swing into the gap-tooth stage and is finding it a bit difficult to eat things that require biting into them! Thankfully her two bottom middle teeth fell out quite a while ago and her adult ones are nicely in so she's not missing all the teeth at the front.

Alex is pulling all the way up on to things. He likes to stand, but tends to get excited and then loses his balance. He's into lots of stuff and does not like to be contained. He's starting to move along furniture and reach for things higher up. The girls are learning their toys are not safe on the window ledges anymore!

We opened up the sandbox and got the outside toys out again. The kids are spending a lot of time outside and being very tired at the end of the day.

I went to the doctor with some gallstone-like symptoms. An ultrasound and blood work showed everything to be clear, so the doctor thinks I may have just had a solitary stone which passed on it's on. It makes sense since I stopped having pain before I went for my ultrasound.  Phew! No more pain, so I am thankful. 

I'm still busy with bookkeeping for Word & Deed and another client. Unfortunately our own finances are not a priority and are sitting in a pile mocking me to do them!

We took a trip to Ikea to return some items and pickup others. We left first thing in the morning to beat traffic and we were home again shortly before 5pm. It was a busy day; the kids behaved nicely (mostly) even though Ikea was a zoo!

Ben played in a ball hockey tournament and had trouble moving the next day. The kids were thrilled to watch Daddy play with his NEW hockey stick that we bought him for his birthday.

Katie is still practicing her reading. She can read her short vowel words like can, hat, dog, bus etc. It's so fun to see the light go on and see her so proud when she figures out a longer word.

Emma is also learning her letter sounds. I'm using the same program I did with Katie and she's really starting to identify the sounds in books as we read. She's picking them off signs and cereal boxes and is very excited to show me.