Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Father and Son

Many days when Ben gets home he has a seat on the couch and is joined by Alex needing some dad time. He's finally showing interest in books and enjoys looking at them and being read too.  They're just so cozy, I can't help snapping a picture.

not too hard on the eyes, eh?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

October 2015

Morning sickness hit, full on and the month kind of fell apart. I felt more sick that I did with my other kids and spent 10 days on the couch before Ben finally convinced me to call the midwife and get some diclectin. I felt much better in a few days, but then the diclection kind of stopped working.  I got a supplement/vitamin mix from Young Living Essential Oils and in a little over a week I felt SO much better. I could half my number of diclectin and I stopped napping. I had energy again, which is weird because that energy surge shouldn't hit until second trimester! Seriously, Young Living has amazing products!

We went to friends' wedding in Brantford and had a nice day out, just the two of us! It's been a while!

I had an ultrasound and got to see our wee babe! I've had SO many people hint or make comments about me having twins, so I was relieved to see only ONE babe in there! Not a big history of twins in my family; my great Opa was a twin, but that's about it. So chances were pretty slim anyways.

We also took a trip to Barrie for my cousin's wedding. We went all together as a family and the kids did amazing! Alex only slept half an hour for the entire day, so after supper, he was crazy. Overtired, hyper and definitely needing sleep. We enjoyed spending the day celebrating with my beautiful cousin and her new husband!

We had a nice, relaxing thanksgiving with my family. I didn't take a single picture though, so we'll just have to rely on memories!

Alex had a doctor's appointment and as the doctor said, "He's a big, TALL dude!" He weighed 28lbs and was 34" tall. 85 percentile for weight and 97th for height. We measured our kids and Alex is as tall as Emma was when she was two!

Monday, November 16, 2015

A last summer hurrah!

These were back in September on a nice, warm, summer day!

 He was just finding out how to move a little faster!

 I don't know how well you can see it, but Emma is sporting two stitches on the right side of her lip. She fell and bit the top resulting in a big enough hole that warrented a few stitches. Interestingly  she cried less then when she got them (no freezing) then when we took them out a week later.
 This girl runs and runs and runs. It's usually proceeded by a "watch me, Mom! Watch how fast I can run!"

 She actually runs just like her father. It's so fun to see traits come through like that.

 Emma was "supposed" be running with Katie, but got lost in her own little world again.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


We took our first trip to Clovermead this year when Corina was down. Lots of fun; all our kids enjoyed it! Most of the photo credit goes to Corina :-)

  Fresh and ready for the day!

 Alex was super thrilled!

 They had hilarious signs like this all over the place!

 How yummy are these kids?

 Ben broke a cart.... crazy driver.

 Ahhh, Ontario!

 I love the difference between these two: Katie is such a romantic and Emma's all "Ride 'em Cowboy!"

 Ben's legs were pretty tired after doing the loop!

 Emma was braver than Katie and went down first!

 Bye, Clovermead! Maybe see you next year!